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Year 6 Aberdovey Outward Bounds Updates - March 2023

I’m not going to write very much as I want your children to do the talking and as you will see I haven’t added any detail to the groups photos as they should tell the story. All I will say is the children were amazing, this was a wonderful opportunity and it was a joy to lead this residential.

Miss McTiernan


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A message and a thank you from Miss Broadbent: 


I just wanted to write about our adventure together to highlight the pride that I have for this group of wonderful children.

Wow what a journey we have shared together! I am so so so incredibly proud of each and every individual on this trip. You have all pushed yourselves out of your comfort zones, attempted things you never thought you would and you really made the most out of each and every experience. 

Through difficult weather conditions, struggles with aches and pains, and a totally new/unfamiliar environment, you have all excelled. The support I have witnessed this week has been incredible. The teams have all worked so well together and stuck together throughout the highs and the lows. Perseverance, grit, resilience and determination has enabled you all to accomplish great things this week and it has been lovely to see you overcome your fears. 

You all demonstrated that Jesus is at the heart of all that you do by saying your prayers in the morning, in the evening and during tasks. Outward Bounds set of core values have definitely been demonstrated too… 

> A belief that you all have undiscovered potential

> A belief in the power and intensity of learning through adventure 

> A deep appreciation of the balance between risk, reward and responsibility 

> A spirit of respect and compassion

The staff at Outward Bounds were really impressed with how tolerant, well-mannered and enthusiastic you all were. You really did set a brilliant example for St Edward’s throughout the week. 

Please always remember that you are better than you’ll ever know. You have unlocked huge potential this week through your learning and adventure in the wild. You act with care, concern and generosity towards people and the natural environment. And for those reasons, I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else in the world than at St Edward’s and with this cohort of children. 

Thank you children for a wonderful week. You even pushed me to conquer my fears and encouraged me to participate too. 

Have a lovely weekend children and get lots of well-earned rest. Continue to learn more about yourselves, others and the natural environment. Keep adventuring and keep being your amazing selves! 

Miss Broadbent x

Team Atherton Day 5 


We enjoyed our last lunch together on the beach. We collected wood to make a camp fire and reflected on our achievements

from the week. The children tasted a variety of ice creams from the ice cream shop, including cookie dough, biscoff, bubblegum and strawberry. 

The team enjoyed collecting shells, skimming pebbles in the sea and digging holes in the sand. What a way to end our amazing adventure. 


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Tenzing team - A lovely last lunch together on the beach and a quick trip to the ice cream shop.

Tenzing team - signing off 


I’ve absolutely loved spending the week with my amazing group! You have all pushed yourselves out of your comfort zones and faced your fears head on. You have supported one another; shown great care, respect and friendship and grown together as both individuals and a team! I’m sure you’ve all made some wonderful memories and I hope this trip has shown that you are all capable of facing difficulty and overcoming obstacles (sometimes quite literally). 

Despite the almost constant rain and lots of new challenges the children kept their spirits high and didn’t complain once! They have been complimented on their manners, attitudes and positive outlook by Outward Bound staff, and even a few members of the public, who saw them buying ice cream. They helped each other with counting change and calculating cost, remembering to say please and thank you while being served. I am incredibly proud of this wonderful bunch. 

Thanks for the laughs and the memories Tenzing! 

Mrs McConvery x 



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Tenzing ream - Some last minute abseiling before heading back home. Well done team for facing your fears and pushing those comfort zones!

Team Purja signing off

What a wonderful week it has been for this team. Lots of new challenges overcome, fears faced and connections made! I have been so impressed with all of you and you have been a delightful group to work with- thank you all for going in to all challenges feet first and being such a supportive team for each other!

It has been a pleasure getting to know you and working alongside you,

Miss Avery x

Team Atherton Day 4 


We woke up this morning in our log cabin. The children enjoyed the tranquility of the rain during the night. Miss Broadbent enjoyed her ear plugs to block out the snoring! We loaded our trailer up with our things, ate our breakfasts out of packets like astronauts and packed our lunches ready for another day of adventure. 

The children had to navigate their way back to the education centre using a map and compass. The weather didn’t hold any prisoners and we all got absolutely soaked. The boys enjoyed jumping in the puddles and climbing down a slate quarry. We made it down to the bottom in 3 hours and then used a safety cover to keep warm whilst we waited for our bus to take us back to the dorms. In the evening, we held a reflection session and the children thought about all the things that they have achieved throughout the week. 

Attached below are comments from some of our children that express how they feel about their experience of Outward Bounds. What a journey! 

Team Purja Day 4

Today we went on a 7km hike back from the cabin in the woods back to Aberdovey. Whilst walking, we walked up hills, explored quarries, crossed (lots of) streams, got wet, sang songs, laughed- you name it we did it. Towards the end, we went off course to walk along the river; we didn’t know what to expect, we just wanted an adventure. That decision was so worth it! Just look at the pictures!


Once we returned home and had a nice warm shower; we packed up our bags and had a campfire. Jack set us the challenge of finding a rock, stick and a leaf. The rock represented something they had found hard, the stick represented something that would stick with them forever and the leaf was something they wanted to ‘leaf’ behind. Make sure you ask the children what their responses were tomorrow, every one of them were reflective and honest about their experiences here and what they learned about themselves and each other.

Day 3’s ventures took us to Barmouth to scramble up some rocks and complete an abseil down. It was an incredible experience being able to face more challenging climbs and getting through more difficult areas by working as a team! We were impressed with the landscape from the peak and felt like we were ‘on top of the world’. Getting down was the trickier park my through. I am very proud to say that every single child faced their fears and pushed themselves to abseil independently to the ground. 

After a few hours in Barmouth, we got on the minibus to our overnight accommodation- a cabin in a wood. Thankfully, it was more than just a cabin, it had some bunk beds, an upstairs and a lovely log burner. We set up home for the night with team Downing and tucked into a lovely packet of food. We played a game of snipers in the dark too which was very fun.  


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Hot chocolates before bed on our last night

Tenzing team- using the team work skills and resilience that we’ve worked on this week during some team games

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Team Atherton Day 3 


We showed excellent resilience, positivity and tolerance today in the windy and wet conditions. We scrambled up a hill. The slate quarries and rocks were challenging but we all made it to the top. The views were spectacular. It was great to see the children praying during our journey. Once we reached the top, we abseiled. Miss Broadbent is so impressed with her team! They were much braver than she was. We then headed back to the dorms to pack for our overnight expedition to the woods. 

We stayed in a wooden cabin. This was such a brilliant experience. The children were at one with nature and really enjoyed eating out of packets, sitting in front of the log fire. The tranquil sounds that we could hear outside (torrential rain) made it a relaxing stay and all children were asleep by 9:30pm. 


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Tenzing team - A rather wet hike through the valley! We supported each other emotionally and physically and spirits were high, despite the shocking weather conditions

Excited for ice cream

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Tenzing team - Expedition in our toasty, cosy cabin in the woods

Tenzing team - We had a lovely coastal walk into the village where we build a great raft, which we were able to paddle down the estuary! We also rode out on the boat and jumped in for a quick swim back to shore. It was very refreshing 🥶

Tenzing team - We had a lovely walk to visit a waterfall and sneak into a dragon’s nest! Afterwards we tried our hand at shelter building and played some games in the woods. Obviously, we needed marshmallows and biscuits to refuel for our walk back.

Weather testing our shelters

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Team Atherton- Day 2 Adventures 


Today we had a fabulous time walking up a steep mountain to a fountain. We soaked in the views and ate our lunch on the edge of a cliff! The terrain was tricky as we had to work hard not to slip. 

In the evening, we used head torches and helmets to complete a gorge walk! We ended our day star gazing and drinking hot chocolate. 

Our group showed excellent support, communication and teamwork. 

Team Atherton Day 2 


Wow what a day we have had! Today we walked up a mountain to a large waterfall. We had a beautiful view to eat our lunches. It was a tough and steep walk. We really pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones. 

In the evening, we did a gorge walk. We wore head torches and waterproofs. It was great to see the support that each individual provided for their teammates, using the push and pull strategy. Once we reached the top we stopped to star gaze and drink hot chocolates. 

What a day! We started the day off with a drive to Dolgoch to explore it’s beautiful waterfalls and had some yummy hot chocolate after a game of hide and seek. Then we traveled back to the Outward Bound Centre for the trapeze (aka the leap of faith). It was a thrilling experience and one where we had to put full faith in our friends and more importantly, ourselves. 


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Dab’s rendition of ‘I Believe I Can Fly’!

Tenzing team- Working as a team to help each other up Jacob’s ladder and stretch our comfort zones.

Climbing champion

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Amazing resilience

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Team work!

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Lending a helping hand

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Tenzing team- A refreshing morning dip

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On the train to.... Scramble and abseil

Day 1

Problem solving team games, and getting equipment ready for day 2!

Team Purja Day 1


Hot chocolates before bed

Team building challenges

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Tenzing team- Team building challenges

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Preparing our kit ready for more adventures

Sparkle house ✨

Tucking into our delicious dinner, before our evening instructor sessions

A bit soggy after orienteering. The children loved exploring the grounds and running around independently

All arrived, safe and well! Out and about enjoying the outdoors already.

Monday 13th March 2023 -15:00

The children arrived at the centre safe and sound, a text will be sent shortly once a communication group has been setup on the text message service. 

Thank you