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Remote Education

Remote Education at St. Edward's RC School

As a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, we have learnt very quickly that we can adapt our teaching styles and work remotely. St. Edward's provided good provision for remote learning, ensuring that pupils never missed out on their education. We ensured that the work provided was found on the platform, Zoom calls were made to start and end the day by way of socially engaging but also to set the work and provide feedback. Loom powerpoints/videos were created by the teachers. We monitored the access and were fortunate to be able to provide a laptop and paper copies where possible.


Should we found ourselves again in these circumstances in the future, please allow us 48 hours to re-adjust in order to set up the technology, platforms and we will ensure that our curriculum is inclusive and accessible to all, even when children are learning remotely. 


This section is dedicated to Remote Education at St. Edward's.  In it you will find the Remote Learning Provision we will provide in the event of a school closure; the Remote Learning Policy; and additional documents to support the remote learning process. 

Remote Education Provision