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Our Foreign Languages Curriculum

St Edward’s provides a highly inclusive environment where all learners enjoy their education and all children are encouraged to share their experiences and cultures with others. Pupils at all levels are encouraged and supported to achieve their potential. Children are challenged in all areas and there is a culture of resilience and high expectation. We expect everyone to always do their best and expect the best. Through Foreign Languages, children learn about the diversity of God’s world and embrace the belief that everyone is equal in the eyes of God.


Children are encouraged to share their cultural heritage and appreciate the views of others. Through the teaching of Foreign Languages, children are inspired to ask questions about the ever-changing world around them. The curriculum is the medium through which we develop confident speakers who begin with basic phraseology and become fluent linguists. Embracing the diversity within our own school community is a powerful starting point as the children then look further afield to appreciate the culture of others. The practical applications of Foreign Languages appeal to the children as they see in it a means to remove barriers to new friendships

Italian Day

We all enjoyed Italian Day.  We took part in lots of different activities and had some delicious lasagne for lunch!


Here's what the children said:

'I liked drawing famous Italian pictures.' Riley 1JW

'I liked learning Italian words.' Matilda 1JW

'I loved Italian Day because we got home-made lasagne.' Luke 4AA

'I loved wearing my own red, white and green clothes.' Alexander 4AA

'Everyone should visit Italy - especially Rome!  The Colosseum looks amazing!' 5MT

'I'd like to learn lots of Italian!' Reuben 2SB

'I liked the lasagne for lunch.' Ismail 4GK

'I'd like to do a sculpture like Michelangelo next time.' Jethro 4GK


Italian around the School

A lovely letter from one of our pupils.

Some wonderful work from Alicja

A wonderful piece of writing by Daniella.

Thank you Roqaya for the beautiful bracelet!