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Outdoor Learning at St. Edward's

Autumn 2 - Year 2 Outdoor Day 

Our topic this half term, is ‘Storybook Bears’.

For our outdoor day we:

- Created Autumn artwork, using leaves, bark, and sticks, to create a colourful print. We put our natural items underneath paper and did rubbing to create effect with crayons

- Had a tree workshop and learnt all about the environment around us

- We decorated bark, to create Christmas baubles that we could take home

- Built dens in our forest school, for the bears in our storybooks 

- Enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows with a story 


September 2023- Year 1 Outdoor Day 

We had a fabulous outdoor day in Year 1! The children enjoyed using our enrich education course where they went on a scavenger hunt to find phonics sounds and numbers. In the afternoon the children went into the Forest School and built structures using natural materials. The children used wooden blocks, tyres, leaves sticks and worked together in teams. It was wonderful to see the children using their imagination when creating their structures. 

Year 2 Outdoor Learning Day - Autumn 1 - Thursday 28th September 


What a fabulous day year 2 have had today! We started our day by going through the rules of the forest, to ensure that everyone was kept safe, whilst learning and having lots of fun.


During our outdoor day, we;

-Shared the story,' The Very Big Den', by Ruth Symons. With each page, the children had to complete a task

-We focused on our senses, reflecting on what we could see, hear, smell and feel

-We build homes for hedgehogs 

-Climbed trees, under the watchful eye of Mrs Hill

-Created bug hotels, inspired by the book, 'The Hotel for Bugs'

Reception Outdoor Learning Day - 17th February 2022

Year 5 Outdoor Day Tuesday 9th November

Year 4 outdoor day 

On Thursday 4th November, we had our first outdoor day of the year. We had a fantastic day following instructions to build a rocket, going on a sound walk, retelling the story of 'Moses and the burning bush', coding and generally just exploring and being out in nature! Our main focus of the day was teamwork and working collaboratively through the activities. The children did a great job at working together and impressed us all with their problem solving skills after many failed attempts of making rockets. Read the description of some of the pictures for pupil voice and a greater explanation of what happened...