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Homework will be set on a Monday and handed in, by the following Monday.

Spellings will also be set on a Monday and children will complete a spelling test, the following Monday.


Reading Books:

Children will be listened to, three times a week, in school.

It is essential that you listen to your child at home. Please sign their reading journals.


Children will bring home a reading book on a Thursday and books need to be brought in every day.


Thank-you for your continued support!

Instant recall facts (Autumn 1)

Welcome to 2PW

Art and Music - The Fire Bird

R.E. The Paschal Candle

Summer 1, Week 1 - We’re Going on a Plant Hunt

Learning About Eid

Spring 2, Week 5 - Rock Steady
On Monday, the whole school had an assembly from the company, ROCK STEADY and wow did they love it! Children learnt about different musical instruments and sung along to many pop and rock songs! Miss McDonald and Mr Worthington were asked to come to the front to start a staff band, we played 'We will Rock You,' and the children sang along so well!

A letter has gone home to ask if children want to start their own rock band in school (please keep an eye out for this letter!) A fab day!!!

Spring 2, Week 3 - Using historical sources The Great Fire of London

Spring 1, Week 4 - Baking Cookies

Spring 1, Week 1 - Refuge

Autumn 2, Week 7


For our online safety day, we have been looking at the following objectives:

-Ways in which we communicate with others

-What is acceptable information to share online

-Identify people who can help us, if we are not sure about something online

-Explain the word, permission and why it is important

-Explain why we should always ask a trusted adult, about clicking 'yes', 'agree' or 'accept' online.

Autumn 2 - Week 6
The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop today. They studied the snowman design carefully, then used acrylic paint to create their masterpieces! All children are very proud of their work and can't wait to show you all.

For our story time on Thursday, year 2 enjoyed a live read with Santa, from the North Pole. What a special treat. After three fabulous Nativity performances this week, year 2 are now counting down the days until Christmas!

For our story time on Thursday, year 2 enjoyed a live read with Santa, from the North Pole. What a special treat. After three fabulous Nativity performances this week, year 2 are now counting down the days until Christmas!

Autumn 2, Week 4
2PW have had such a busy week. We have been practicing our oracy skills during Nativity practice, where the children are working really hard to learn their lines, remember their positions on stage and the words to the many wonderful Christmas carols, we will be performing. 


On Friday, we had our 'Advent Craft' day, where we have focused on making wreaths.

Some children chose to make paper based wreaths, whilst others went outside into the forest school area, to create wreaths using evergreen leaves. 

Autumn 2, Week 3 - Diwali Workshops
Children took part in a Diwali workshop with an outside company. They dramatised the story of Rama and Sita, developing our acting skills. 

Some pupil voice from the session.

'I love your role play of the demon!'
'I love this story! I learnt so much about the story that I didn’t know before.”

”My family celebrate Diwali, I really enjoyed being able to share this my school friends.”

Autumn 2, Week 2 - STEAM Week and Anti bullying Week

Throughout the week, we were challenged to say “Where’s the Maths in that?” through each of lessons. We found there was Maths in absolutely everything! From counting out pens and paper to measuring lines with a ruler and working out which coins to use at breakfast club. 

Children had an anti-bullying workshop from an outside company. They learnt the definition of bullying, what do do if they are being bullied and what to do if they witness bullying. Children were also asked to give each other compliments. It was so lovely to hear such wonderful things said about 2PW. 

Autumn 2, Week 1- Storybook Bears
This week, we began our new topic ‘Storybook Bears’. We read ‘The Bear under the Stairs’ and discussed things we are scared of (such as spiders or the dark!) and what we can do if we feel scared. We then wrote letters of advice to William on how he could tackle his problem of having a bear under his stairs!


In maths, we have been looking closely at multiples of ten. We have been adding and subtracting multiples of ten, as well as locating their position on a number line. 


Firework Art



Autumn 1, Week 7

Story Sequencing

Autumn 1, Week 6 - Swimming!


Autumn 1, Week 5

 Another busy, but fun filled, week! We were visited by Phil Hunton on Tuesday who led an Eco workshop where we made a bug hotel. We discussed the importance of bugs on the environment and how we can help to care for them. Our bug hotel looks very comfy and we can’t wait to see what critters will make their home there!


In Maths, we have been using part whole models to explore how two ‘parts’ make a ‘whole’. We then explored different ways of representing our thinking by using number sentences and counters. On Thursday, we investigated what happens when you change the order of the addends (the sum remains the same).


We finished our English text ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ this week by writing our own stories. The quality of writing has been outstanding and we enjoyed reading them out loud to one another. 

PE - Ball Games

Eco Workshop- Bug Hotels

Maths - The Part Whole Model

Autumn 1, Week 4 - Outdoor Day


What a fabulous day year 2 have had today! We started our day by going through the rules of the forest, to ensure that everyone was kept safe, whilst learning and having lots of fun.


During our outdoor day, we;

-Shared the story,' The Very Big Den', by Ruth Symons. With each page, the children had to complete a task

-We focused on our senses, reflecting on what we could see, hear, smell and feel

-We build homes for hedgehogs 

-Climbed trees, under the watchful eye of Mrs Hill

-Created bug hotels, inspired by the book, 'The Hotel for Bugs'

Autumn 1, Week 3 - ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’
In English this week, we have been reading The Day the Crayons Quit. After reading, we began to think about what our favourite colours are and developed our Oracy skills by telling each other (in full sentences) what our favourite colours are and why. Me Worthington banned the words ‘sad’ and ‘happy’ this week, meaning we had to come up with more exciting words for them.  Check out our word wall to see our amazing vocabulary choices. On Thursday, we wrote our own colour poems and, like real poets, we had the final choice in the order of our verses and title. 

In maths, we are continuing to look at numbers with 20 and have used part whole models to show out understanding of this. Our Fluency focus has been on comparing numbers and using the language of ‘more than’, ‘less than’ and ‘equal to’.


Our Active Learning sessions have been busy and focused. Highlights include;


Making models of our ideal classroom and labelling them. Focusing on prepositional vocabulary (next to, behind, on)


Using our observation skills to paint and draw pictures of animals for our Noah’s ark display. 


We made Worry dolls and followed the design process by choosing our own materials and following our design. 



Part Whole

Exciting Vocabulary

Active Learning - D&T Worry Dolls

Active Learning - Geography

Active Learning - Art

Autumn 1, Week 2 - Art Week
We had a fantastic week exploring the work of Pablo Picasso. We learnt about his early life and style of painting. On Thursday we were joined by Aideen Scott who led us in a workshop based around Picasso where we created self portraits in the style of Picasso. 


In English, we looked at the book Ruby’s Worry and wrote character descriptions and a letter of advice to Ruby for dealing with her worry. We are continuing to work on correct letter formation and correct sentence structure, with capital letters and full stops. 

In Maths, we have been looking at the structure of numbers 11-19 and how they are made of ‘ten and a bit’. Please continue to practice number formation. 

Picasso Workshop