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Dear Parents and Carers,


Thank you to everyone who has responded to both School uniform consultations online. Gaining opinion is quicker online using the Microsoft forms format, however I look forward to using more face to face forums from September.

Making a whole school change to anything, particularly school uniform is always a challenge that all schools face. Please remember that by making the changes we aim to make it simpler for you as parents and more cost effective, whilst retaining the identity of St. Edward's Catholic School.  Any changes have been made in light of the Department For Education (D.F.E) recommendations and feedback from stakeholders. This letter aims to clear up any ambiguities:

The school logo MUST still be found on the school royal blue cardigan and jumper. 

Girls and boys can wear grey trousers or shorts for the Summer uniform. There is the option of the gingham Summer dress not 'skorts'.

Due to tight timescales and following the feedback from parents, it appears that some parents have already bought polo shirts for the summer uniform with logos. It would therefore seem most sensible that children will still be able to wear polo shirts with logos for 2022-23, with a view to phasing these out the year after.  Feedback from Governors and Parents was that the shirt and tie option was much smarter than polo shirts, however, we will consult on polo shirts next year in good time for the 2023-24 academic year. Please be mindful that plain white polo shirts were never part of our original uniform policy and have slowly crept into school uniform particularly after covid.

There has been some confusion regarding the 'open neck' shirt. This is referring to unbuttoning the school white cotton short-sleeved shirt (without a tie) in the hot weather. Parents are not required to buy special 'open neck' shirts. I did not realise that there was such a thing!

Plain white round-neck t-shirts can be worn for PE. If your child's current PE t-shirt has a logo and still fits your child, then this can still be worn for 2022-23 in order to get the wear out of it. You also have the option to return it to the shop and obtain a refund, if preferred.

Winter (October half term) until Easter

  • royal blue cardigan/jumper with the school logo
  • white shirt and school tie
  • grey trousers, grey pinafore dress or grey skirt
  • white or grey socks/ tights
  • black school shoes

Summer (Easter to October half term)

  • royal blue cardigan/jumper with the school logo
  • white shirt unbuttoned (tie can be removed for hotter weather)
  • grey shorts, trousers, skirt or pinafore
  • blue and white gingham dress as an option
  • white or grey socks
  • black school shoes


  • white round- neck t-shirt (polo shirt can be worn 2022-23)
  • royal blue shorts
  • royal blue or navy blue joggers for outside winter PE lessons
  • black plimsoles for indoor PE
  • trainers for outside PE lessons


Earrings to not be worn due to health and safety reasons but also because the size and variation of styles has increased. Concerns have been raised by class teachers about children wearing earrings, particularly during PE days and Outdoor days. Most schools do not allow earrings due to the risk of them getting caught and the hygiene implications. We recommend that any parent wishing for their child to have their ears pierced should do so at the start of the Summer holidays. This ensures that the pierced hole is healed after the initial period of time recommended for non-removal and thereafter earrings can be taken in and out frequently. School staff should not be taking earrings out for a child but will assist a child to remove them and be placed in an envelope to return home, from September.


Inexpensive, simple analogue or digital watches can be worn. No Smart watches.

School uniform suppliers

School ties, reading book bags, blue woollen beany hats with the school logo are available at the school office. These will be available for purchase at the initial new parents' meetings.

Second hand uniform

We will be very grateful to receive any donations of unwanted second-hand uniform, especially from Year 6 leavers. There will be an option to obtain second hand uniform from school on: 

Tuesday 12th July from 3pm

I hope that this email clarifies any issues that have been raised and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support. If even after this more cost effective approach has been implemented, you are still struggling to purchase uniform for your children, please speak to a staff member or email me at head@ for signposting.  An application to access help from our hardship fund can also be made.

Have a good weekend.

Kind regards


Mrs J Kennett

Head Teacher


School Uniform