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Sacramental Preparation Meeting 

Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation


Thank you to all who came to our first meeting in preparation for receiving the Sacraments . It was a lovely opportunity for us to reminisce about our own Sacramental journey and for the children to talk about their understanding of the special year they are setting out on. For those of you who would like to have another look through out presentation slides we have added them to the page below. 

It was lovely to gather together as a school family, in church, whilst listening to all of the important information both parents and children need to know before embarking on their journey.


This was then followed by our Mass of Commitment led by the children in the sacramental years. They read with with such pride and eloquence showing that they are ready to welcome Jesus into their hearts. Father Denis had brought them a special gift from Rome, where he visited the Pope and the children wee delighted with their rosary beads and promised they would use them everyday. Thank you to those children and families who came to support their peers even thought they may not be receiving the sacraments themselves, your support is unbelievably valuable.


The children's pray focus cards for the Parish, have been displayed beautifully in church, showing the care and consideration they put into the task. Many of the parishioners have already offered their thoughts and prayers for the children.

Sacramental Preparation Letter - September 2021