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First Holy Communion

Sunday 14th May


It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon when some children received Holy Communion for the first time. During the mass the children were actively involved in the sacrament. Their participation was exemplary, and they carried out each step with reverence and devotion. From the beginning the children set the tone of the occasion as they read, sang hymns and carried forward physical symbols associated with this important sacrament. From the time of the Offertory, the children brought the gifts forward in a mindful and respectful manner. They then received the Eucharist with great reverence, showing their deep respect for the sacrament. The children's participation and behaviour were a reflection of their faith and upbringing, and they are an inspiration to others on how to participate fully in the mass.


Congratulations to all the children who received the sacrament for the first time this weekend!

Mass of Commitment - 27th November 2022

Today Year 3 and Year 6 had a 'Mass of Commitment' in church with the whole parish community present. They stood before God  and made their commitment to participate and continue on their Sacramental journey to Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. The children led the mass, they were reverent and read beautifully. Well done all involved!

Sacramental Preparation Meeting 

Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation


Thank you to all who came to our first meeting in preparation for receiving the Sacraments . It was a lovely opportunity for us to reminisce about our own Sacramental journey and for the children to talk about their understanding of the special year they are setting out on. For those of you who would like to have another look through our presentation slides we have added them to the page below. 

It was lovely to gather together as a school family, whilst listening to all of the important information both parents and children need to know before embarking on their journey.


Sacramental Preparation Letter - September 2021