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Parent Consultation information for TenTen programme implementation

“Life to the Full” is a developmental programme for Year 1 to Year 6, which integrates into the entire life cycle of the school. The programme is separated into three stages: 

Key Stage One 

Lower Key Stage Two 

Upper Key Stage Two

Each key stage is further divided into three core themes, which have been taken from the guidelines offered by the Catholic Education Service for a Model RSE Programme:

Created and Loved by God

Created to Love Others

Created to Live in Community

Within this framework, we will provide a series of educationally rich resources for a ‘spiral curriculum’, which means that the learning builds for pupils as they move through the school in age-appropriate way, gradually expanding and deepening their knowledge, experience, and attributes. Each topic within the programme will draw on key virtues that sit at the heart of Catholic education; virtues such as respect, appreciation, patience, forgiveness, justice, service and commitment. These virtues are the pillars around which the entire teaching and learning will be based.