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Vocations week

This week has been a very exciting week, where the children have explored what the word vocation means and how they can respond to God's call. It has been lovely to see and hear about all of the different activities happening and listening to the children's ideas and responses. The whole school logged in to Vocations assembly, led via webcam from Deacon Owen and the Vocations office on Friday. We also chose to host our Takeover day this week too, where the children applied to be some of the staff and take one their role for a period of time, seeing how they live out their vocation.


Over the past few weeks there has been such a buzz around school. We asked the children which charities they would like to support and which activities they would like to run to raise money. The children have been very conscientious giving up their own time to run some of these activities and also supporting the events that were for the whole school. We look forward to seeing the final amount raised.

Mass and Assembly

As a school, we continued to celebrate mass all the way through the pandemic, through the use of the webcam. This year we have returned to attending mass in the hall and also in church. The children's singing each week fills the school with joy and their contributions to prayer and responses are both reflective and reverent. Father Denis always comments on what a beautiful mass it was and how well the children have led it.

More recently, we have returned to having some of our assemblies in the hall as a school community. It helps to bring the children collectively and to share the word of God to all. The children have really embraced this and it has been amazing to see all the children together again to both pray and celebrate achievements.


We have entered into this special time of preparation in school. We have lit our first purple candle as we count down to Christmas and the birth of Jesus. 

In school, all of our altar clothes are purple to show that we are preparing and we are following our Walk with me calendar each day to see what message it gives us.


We began the week with the children being able to wear something purple to mark the start of Advent.  The children had an afternoon of Advent craft to make things representing their countdown to Christmas. 


This year, instead of asking for donations for our reverse Advent calendar we have joined with other schools in our cluster for the Toy Appeal. We would like to thank all those for their donations to this cause and for thinking of those less fortunate than ourselves.

It has been a pleasure to see the children's enthusiasm and compassion to others outside of their family.

Children enjoyed the chance to chat and make a piece of art to take home with them.  The children also wrote the name of the person they thought about most during the session onto a small heart that we will use to display in school. 

Nativity Carol Service 2021

St. Edward's Feast day

Today, we celebrated the feast day of the patron saint of our school. In each class we learned about him and why he was made a saint. There was a mixture of activities such as 'Happy Feast Day' cards, crowns and lots of other creative activities to celebrate this special day for our school. We were very lucky this year and would like to say thank you to the parents who helped mark this day by decorating our playgrounds with balloons.

Mary's Birthday

As it was Mary's birthday on the 8th September, each class prepared a Mary altar and held a special prayer service dedicated to her. It focused on the stories about Mary from the Bible and why she is so special to us. After this each child created a piece of art wok for display to show anyone who could see into our classrooms how special Mary is to us.