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Lent 2023 - Letter to Parents

Spring 2, Week 3- St Patrick’s Day

In Year 5, we celebrated St Patrick’s Day (who is also our Year group Saint) with a fantastic 

presentation by Nancy. She researched facts about the life of Saint Patrick, the origins of the parade and even showed us a video of a parade at Canon Hill Park. Thank you Nancy!

Spring 2, Week 2 

Year 5 led a lively, and informative, assembly this week about the Parables of Jesus. It was wonderful to see so many parents supporting the children. We have attached a copy of the script so you can act out your favourite part!

Praying the Rosary Together

In 1JW this week we prayed the rosary together. The children each had their own rosary beads to guide them in their prayer. We use prayer as way of developing our relationship with God. It was so wonderful to pray together as a class family. 

Year 1- Catholic Life 



The children have been displaying our new gospel virtues 'eloquent and truthful'. They sang and responded in our mass which celebrated The Epiphany. 


Autumn 1, Week 5 

The children learnt all about our class saint St Francis of Assisi. The children recorded facts about him and his life and drew pictures of him. The children were inspired by his love of animals and God's creation. 


Autumn 1, Week 4 


The children have learnt about St Therese of Liseux as we celebrated 'Little Way Week'.

Little Way Week is inspired by St Thérèse of Lisieux, patron of mission. As a child St Thérèse dreamed of being a missionary. With age she understood that very few of us are called to make big and radical gestures, but that through small, loving actions we too can deliver God’s love to the world.


2SM Lent Mass


Over the past few weeks there has been such a buzz around school. We asked the children which charities they would like to support and which activities they would like to run to raise money. The children have been very conscientious giving up their own time to run some of these activities and also supporting the events that were for the whole school. We look forward to seeing the final amount raised. We have been going out to get some extra steps in to add to our total for the Big Lent Walk, please sponsor us.

Our class prayer areas are now reflecting the season of Lent and we have made promises which we will be trying to stick during this liturgical season.

Reception Lenten Fundraiser

Year 3 and 6 Reconciliation

Year 2 Jesus Teacher and Healer

During our unit in RE we have been learning about all of the messages Jesus gives us through his miracles and parables. He teaches us to have faith, to forgive, to share our gifts and talents and to listen and spread the Word of God.

Year 4; role play and posters

2SB mass; St David

Visit from Sr Eleanor from CAFOD

Before Lent begins, we were lucky to have Sr Eleanor from CAFOD come and lead an assembly all about how CAFOD helps those overseas. As some of the money we raise during Lent will go towards this charity it was very inspiring. 
She also led workshops with EYFS and KS1 to help us understand the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

Trips; Thanking God for these opportunities

Year 3; Pope Benedict

Pope Benedict PowerPoint

Reception - Baptism 

The children have been learning about the sacrament of Baptism by taking part in a role play. We learnt that at Baptism we are welcomed into God’s family and we are given a Christian name. We decorated our Christian names to show how special they are.

2SB Mass; St Brigid

Spring 1, Week 6
To mark World Day of the Sick, every one in school made cards, wrote letters and prayers or made pictures. Some of our Liturgy Leaders then went out to deliver them. We went to a local nursing home, St Mary’s Hospice and St Paul’s Convent. We also delivered some to St Edward’s church. The residents were all so touched we were invited back to see a very special letter displayed in the hospice and have been invited back to the convent to do some activities with the Srs there.

Year 5 World Day of the Sick Letters

Reception Mass- St Josephine Bakhita

On Wednesday Reception and their Year 5 buddies celebrated Mass in the school Hall. During our Mass we celebrated, and gave thanks for the life of Saint Josephine Bakhita. Saint Josephine was a nun who tried her best to help others and always had a smile on her face. We enjoyed learning the hymn 'Share the Light of Jesus' and thought about how we could make others smile too.

Outdoor Days

As we a school, we take every opportunity to go out into God’s creation and see what new things there are to learn and what new parts we can explore. Every term each year group has at least one day off timetable to go out and explore this wonderful gift. We explore natural habitats, we see how we can make our school environment better for the creatures God has placed there. We start each session in prayer and end each session in prayer.

Looking after God’s Planet

Year 5 prayer and liturgy

Making our own Nativity scenes

Our school Nativity was once again held outside. The parents were invited to follow Mary and Joseph on a journey to Bethlehem, they had some stops to make along the way where they could listen to the story being told through words, prayer and song. We all gathered as a school community at the end to sing our final carols together to celebrate the Birth of the new born King… Jesus.

This week THE WHOLE SCHOOL went out onto the junior playground to complete the Rudolph Run for St Mary’s Hospice. Many of our families sponsored us and all of the money went to a great cause right beside our school.

Year 2 computing day

In Year 2, we used our computing day to learn about the Nativity. We each created our own animations based on the Nativity scene and the people who came to visit Baby Jesus.


We have entered into this special time of preparation in school. We have been lighting our candles as we count down to Christmas and the birth of Jesus. 

In school, all of our altar clothes are purple to show that we are preparing and we are following our Walk with me calendar each day to see what message it gives us.


We began the week with the children being able to wear something purple to mark the start of Advent.  The children had an afternoon of Advent craft to make things representing their countdown to Christmas. 


This year, instead of asking for donations for our reverse Advent calendar we have joined with other schools in our cluster for the Toy Appeal. We would like to thank all those for their donations to this cause and for thinking of those less fortunate than ourselves.

It has been a pleasure to see the children's enthusiasm and compassion to others outside of their family.

Year 5 Creation Prayer Service

Year 2 have been exploring different ways to pray

We have prayed out loud, we have prayed through song, we have prayed in silence, we have prayed in colour and meditated.

Children enjoyed the chance to chat and make a piece of art to take home with them.  The children also wrote the name of the person they thought about most during the session onto a small heart that we will use to display in school. In classes, we made poppies to put around our classroom as well as many other activities to remember those who have gone before us and gave their lives for us.

Animal Man...Thank you God for the animals

Today, KS1 had a visit from the animal man. We were fascinated by all of the creatures in God’s world that we have never seen.

Whole School Retreat; Let Creation Sing

Today was an amazing day! Dan and Emily came to lead a retreat for our whole school. We sang, we prayed, we completed activities and we learned about all of the wonderful gifts God has given us in creation.

New hall display

St Luke’s Feast Day

St. Edward's Feast day

Today, we celebrated the feast day of the patron saint of our school. In each class we learned about him and why he was made a saint. There was a mixture of activities such as 'Happy Feast Day' cards, crowns and lots of other creative activities to celebrate this special day for our school. We were very lucky this year and would like to say thank you to the parents who helped mark this day by decorating our playgrounds with balloons.

Year 2 learning about St Anthony

This week, Year 2 have been learning about our class Saint; Saint Anthony. We read books about him, watched short films and we even became a  little St Anthony. Did you know he is the patron Saint of lost things? We had to find lots of religious objects in pictures that had been lost and then we had to go out into God’s creation to see what we could find. At the end, we each got a little prayer card to take home so that we can parse to him every night. Every day when we say our prayers in class we finish with ‘St Anthony… pray for us.’

Little Way Week

The Queen RIP

Good to be me!

Each class had an artist to learn about, we then had to explore all of the ways that God has made each of us unique and all of the things that we think make us special.We then created self portraits to celebrate these reasons in the style of that artist.

Reception; Creation

Year 1 St Francis of Assisi

Mary's Birthday

As it was Mary's birthday on the 8th September, each class prepared a Mary altar and held a special prayer service dedicated to her. It focused on the stories about Mary from the Bible and why she is so special to us. After this each child created a piece of art wok for display to show anyone who could see into our classrooms how special Mary is to us.