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House Days and Celebrations

St Mark's Feast Day 2024

This year the children celebrated the feast of Saint Mark with an assembly in the hall and team games on the playground. As it was also vocations week, we thought abut what Saint Mark's vocation was and how it might not have been an easy job for him to do. We also thought about which aspects of Catholic Social Teaching St Mark was demonstrating and how we could follow his example. 

As homework, the children completed fact files and cross words about Saint Mark.

St John's House Day


As St. John's Feast Day falls in the Christmas Holidays - 27th December - we took the opportunity to come together as a House early. The children celebrated St. John's Feast Day with a quiz, prayers and by making friendship bracelets together. St. John is the patron saint of friendship and the children can wear their bracelets to remind them of their friendship with St. John and how they always strive to be a good friend to others. 


St. John's House also arranged our Rudolph Run. This was a whole school sponsored event and thanks to our wonderful parents, carers, family and friends we were able to raise over £1,600 for Birmingham Hospice!! 

KS1 Art Winner- Sumayya Y1

Wednesday 18th October 2023- St Luke’s Feast Day 

We celebrated St Luke’s Feast Day with a whole school mass in the hall. The children were wonderful and showed reverence and respect. Well done to our Year 1 readers, singers and those who brought the gifts and offertory. 
In the afternoon, the children who were part of St Luke’s house created their own St Luke ornaments to take home. The children made their own paint palette ornaments using card and string. 

St Luke’s House Leader- Mrs Donaghue

Saint Mark

On Tuesday 25th April, we celebrated the feast of St Mark the Evangelist.

St Mark is the author of the first Gospel in the New Testament of the Bible. Before becoming a Christian, he was a member of the Jewish faith. Mark was a good friend of Peter, one of Jesus' apostles, and they usually spoke together about Jesus. In this way, Mark took notes and wrote the first Gospel.

St Mark is the Patron Saint of Venice, which tied in nicely with Italian Day at school. During our celebration we learnt some facts about St Mark, practiced our Italian speaking and then worked in teams to row our Venetian boats to get all the ingredients we needed for our pizzas.

St Luke’s Cake Sale

Thank you to everyone who donated cakes, made posters and bought cakes for the Saint Luke cake sale.  Thanks to your generosity, we managed to raise over £220 for St Mary’s Hospice! This money will help with the daily running of the hospice, which provides such a valuable service to those who need it.  If you would like to find out more, please look at their website below.

Cheque Presentation

St. Matthew


Mrs. Hill is the House Leader of St. Matthew's. 


A short description about St. Matthew

Before Matthew met Jesus, he was called Levi. He was very unpopular because he was a tax collector and worked for the Romans. Tax collectors were often greedy and would cheat people by charging them too much money. Levi was no exception; all he wanted to do was make money and become rich. Then, one day, he met Jesus, who asked him to become one of his followers. Everyone was surprised that Jesus had even spoken to Matthew. They could not understand why Jesus was befriending him; they were even more surprised when Matthew agreed. Jesus accepted Matthew’s invitation to go to his house to have a meal with his friends, but many onlookers were shocked at Jesus’ action. They thought that Jesus should just choose good, honest people to be his friends.

St. Matthew's Prayer


Dear God,

Help us to be willing to give people a second chance,

even when we don’t think they deserve it.

Help us to love and bring peace and joy to people’s lives.

Help us to serve others and to help them whenever we get opportunities.



St. Matthew's Celebrations

We undertook a team building exercise in our forest area. Within mixed age groups the children decided what they would like to build and they set about creating St. Matthew's house. The children worked as a team to build friendships, teamwork, co-operation, resilience, communication and problem-solving skills. It was amazing to stand back and observe the children listening and responding to each other! 

Activities we completed with our families at home
  • KS1: A piece of artwork portraying St. Matthew and his life; it could take the form of collage, painting or drawing. Be creative!
  • KS2: A description about St. Matthew and why we hold him in such high regard in our school. Please show the similarities between your life and St. Matthew’s life. This task will involve some research as we would like you to demonstrate your knowledge about St. Matthew. This can take any form you see fit. The most creative entry gets a prize!
  • Entries for both competitions will close on Thursday 22nd September, so get your thinking caps on!

Letter for Saint Matthew's day

Saint Matthew Power Point