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Welcome to our school council page!

Well done to everybody that ran within the school council elections. You all provided us with some superb speeches, fantastic posters and enthusiastic campaigning. 


School Councillors for 2021-22:



1PW: Joachim and Edie

1JW: Sam and Eesa

2SM: Eva and Alfie

2SW: Lottie and Hannah

3EB: Ivy and Lucy B

3CC: Alma and Isobel

4AD: Lorcan and Kemaeah

4AA: Thea and Amaya

5GK: Aaryan and Salik

5MT: Daneen and Patrick

6EB: Maisie and Bo

6SM: Zac and Isabelle







To raise the profile of our wonderful School Council, we are requesting sponsorship for some high-vis jackets.  These will be worn by school council members during break and lunchtimes to make them more visible to their peers, allowing for more opportunities to share ideas and suggestions for improving the school environment and fundraising. Our School Councillors have written some fantastic letters requesting sponsorship, so watch this space...

During our first school council meeting, we discussed our objectives and the importance of being a voice for all pupils.  We also received our badges which we are very proud of.

During this special time of November, we felt that it was important to not only think about the voices of our friends but also of those people who had fought and died for our country.

Meeting with Mrs Kennett and Mrs Carry

The School Councillors had a meeting with Mrs Kennett and Mrs Carry to discuss the views and suggestions given by each class.

We are looking forward to putting some of the agreed actions into place.

Our first meeting

School Council Minutes of meetings

Here we are placing our votes!

School Council Application Forms 2021-22

Our Curriculum Intent

At St Edward’s, we believe that pupils should inspire one another; striving to improve their school and wider community, implementing positive changes. We value the voice of the pupils and work with them to ensure that our community is the best it can be.  We work together to achieve our goals, learning and growing as one. Our School Councillors work as a team, representing their own views and the views of the children in their classes and actively engaging in regular meetings to discuss these. Furthermore, we develop our councillors to be leaders within our school and to understand the responsibility that this brings with it. 

Christmas Present Appeal

Our school council and Junior PCSOs worked together this Christmas to think of those who were less fortunate than ourselves. We set ourselves a challenge to collect presents that could be donated to those who were not going to receive presents this Christmas. Despite the school being shut for closure, the support we received was AMAZING so we would all like to thank everybody who donated presents; they have certainly helped to make someone's Christmas more special.

Thierry helping Sarah load up her car with all of our generous donations!

Our Trip to CitiKitchen

Our school council were extremely lucky to be given the opportunity to visit CitiKitchen, who provide the cooked dinners at our school. We were able to design our own pizzas, desserts and even taste bread that was green and purple! We are looking forward to meeting with Mrs Hopkins to discuss the new, exciting ideas that we could bring to our school dinners. Keep your eyes peeled!