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Ancient Civilizations - Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt - Quizzes 

Introducing Ancient Egypt | History - Lost Lands

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. The third of seven films introducing life in ancient civilisations. Nefa, a priest in training, shows us ancient Egyptian buildi...

The Ancient Egypt - Five things you should know - History for kids

Educational video for children to learn the five things they should know about Ancient Egypt: the Pyramids of Giza, mummies, Egyptian civilization, the Nile ...

Ancient Egypt for Kids | Learn the History of Ancient Egypt

In our Ancient Egypt for Kids video students will learn all about the history of ancient Egypt and when watched in combination with our lesson plan students ...

The afterlife in Ancient Egypt | Primary History - Ancient Egypt

Suitable for teaching 7-11s. Ancient Egyptians were buried with everything they expected to need for their journey through the afterlife. Dr Joann Fletcher e...

Egypt: Nile River | Are We There Yet?

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