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Welcome to 6AK 2023/24

‘All it takes is one person to make a difference.’


‘The more that you need, the more things you will know.

The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.’

Dr Seuss



Autumn Two

Week 4


We have had another fun and busy week in Year 6.  We began our week with a Gospel assembly led by Mrs Kennett, who spoke about Christ the King's feast day which was on Sunday 26th November.  This is a feast in the liturgical year which emphasises the true kingship of Christ.

During the week, 6AK have been working hard solving long multiplication problems in maths, learning all about rationing during and after World War Two and how the role of women changed dramatically during the war - women went out to work and took over from the men who were fighting for their country.

Thursday was 'Protect our Planet' day, 6AK were fortunate to be involved with two live sessions: Protecting our Forests and Earth and Protecting our Ice and Oceans.  We learnt so much from these sessions and related them to the Live Simply Award that we are striving to achieve here at St. Edward's. 

In RE we thought about our Live Simply pledge and how we are all stewards of God's creation and wrote our own Canticles of Creation (just like St. Francis) recognising what we are thankful for in God's world and how we can protect and look after it.

We finished our week by coming together once again with our Faith Friends where we thoroughly enjoyed our Advent Craft session making Advent wreaths.




Week 1, 2 and 3

We have settled back into the second half term really well and 6AK have been VERY busy over the last few weeks!  We have enjoyed a variety of workshops, we have had a Mental Health and Well-being, a Poetry and Poppies Drama, a Diwali and an Aston Villa STEM workshop - they have all been very informative and the children have thoroughly enjoyed them.

As it is  Road Safety Week, 6AK have written their own persuasive letters to the local councillor, expressing their concerns about the safety of the children and families of St. Edward's at the start and at the end of the school day.  We have asked for Ms McCarthy to think about the roads surrounding our school - Greenland and Selly Park Road - and how can changes could be made to keep everyone safe.  6AK will be publishing these letters next week and they will be sent to the Council House, we will be eagerly awaiting her reply so watch this space!

In Science this week, we carried out our own investigations to see if the change in voltage affects the output in a circuit.  6AK were very enthused with this and enjoyed working as a team. 

Today, we all enjoyed a wonderful singing session with our Faith Friends in Year 3.  We spent the last part of the day practising the carols for the Christmas Carol Service - what a beautiful way to end the week 🎶🎄🙏🏻😊

Week 8

Autumn One


Week 7


Another fun and exciting week was had by all in 6AK. The children began their week with a fabulous African mask making art workshop. 6AK listened to the teacher inform them all about the meanings and tradition behind the different colours that are used by the African tribes. Using their knowledge of symmetry and careful printing with dowel and paint, the children produced some amazing colourful masks 🎨🎭

6AK thoroughly enjoyed scanning the QR codes to research information about gorillas during their English lesson. They are very keen to use this information when drafting and publishing their non-chronological reports next week.

On Thursday, the children spent the afternoon discussing online safety. The theme was Self Image and Identity and the children showed great maturity when discussing why it is important to challenge and reject inappropriate representations of gender, race, religion, disability and culture online. They split into groups and all had secret tasks to perform. It was very interesting to see how they each advertised the same pet toy but for different groups. Either just for girls, boys or children. The names, colours and accessories chosen, was very interesting.

Autumn One


Week 6


Wow! What a busy week 6AK have had! The children of 6AK were wonderful faith models this week when they prepared and led their very special mass to celebrate the feast day of St Edward the Confessor in church, it certainly was a very beautiful service. They have all thoroughly enjoyed their swimming lessons this week, lots of fun was had by all. There were lots of smiley faces from the children who passed their swimming assessments too 😁 We spent the week recapping our knowledge of rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and ordering integers in maths, coach Dylan taught 6AK some rugby skills, we loved solving our Harry Potter maths problems and our artistic skills were put to the test when we were guided by Jonny Duddle on how to draw Dobby from Harry Potter - the results were amazing!

Week 4


Class 6AK are continuing to work hard and have all enjoyed another great week. They have been very busy and the timetable has been jam packed, full of new learning and lots of varied activities.

We have been continuing to focus on place value in maths and the children have been working very hard to read and write numbers and partition them up to 10,000,000.  In English, we have been reading our class text, ‘When the Sky Falls’. The children have been gripped so far with this book and have showed empathy with the two characters we have met in the first 4 chapters by completing diary entries from the view of Joseph and his new carer Mrs. F. 
We have been researching the important characters of the Old Testament and in Friday’s 

lesson, we looked back at the story of Adam and Eve and discussed what we should learn from their temptation and how all choices that we make in our lives have consequences.
Alex, our Aston Villa Sports Coach, has taught 6AK what effective tactics are needed when defending and attacking the ball in our PE lessons and we finished the week off by learning new vocabulary in our MFL lesson and 6AK thoroughly enjoyed singing along to the songs in Italian 🇮🇹🎤🎶 😊


Week 2 and 3

6AK have had a wonderful start to Year 6! They have all been eager to learn and have settled into their new class routines with ease 😊

They all thoroughly enjoyed the World War Two Workshop that was delivered by William. He took them on a journey back in time to 1939, listening to wonderful stories and learning through role-play. A great time was had by all.

Outdoor Day was a huge success, even the great British weather didn’t ‘dampen’ their spirits! They started the day with some maths. Using their ‘place value’ knowledge, their challenge was to make the number using the correct counters.  After that, they enjoyed some bonding with their team games - it’s all about listening, communicating and co-operating. They then finished the day with a spot of ‘spelling’ orienteering. A fab day was had by all!