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Year 5

Rockstars for the day! 
In Year 5, we have completed Maths Week in style. Our children dressed up in fantastic outfits and there were some brilliant hairstyles for Times Table Rockstars day. 

A huge well done for your efforts with Maths Week Year 5! 

Science - The Human Body - Spatial Awareness
We had so much fun in our Science lesson this week. We learned about the human body (organs and bones). The children used their spatial awareness during the main activity. A large body was drawn on the playground with chalk and the children were required to position themselves with picture cards of each organ in the correct place. They also explained the function of each of the organs. The activity was timed. Well done to Group 2 as they completed the activity the quickest and earned themselves ice lollies this afternoon! Fantastic work. 

Maths Week - Islamic Art and Design (Mandalas)

In our Art lesson this week, we studied Islamic Art and Design. We learned about Mandalas. Mandalas link to Maths as they involve circle geometry, reflective symmetry and rotational symmetry. 

Once we had discussed what Mandalas are and thought about where they are found, we looked at examples to create our very own Mandala designs. 

Miss Broadbent and Mrs Tait were blown away by Year 5’s creativity and skill. 

Maths Week - PE Spatial Awareness Blindfold Activity

Still image for this video
In our PE lessons this week we completed lots of blindfold challenges. We created obstacle courses and thought about the instructions we could give to our blindfolded team members. In the video below, the girls talk about how our lesson linked to the Maths Week theme of Spatial Awareness.

Maths Week - Spatial Awareness in Computing

In computing this week, the children experienced a virtual tour of the British Museum. They used the opportunity to appreciate and reflect on the importance of spatial awareness and design, both architecturally and in the display of historical artefacts and art displays. They then used their reflections to create their own digital museum exhibitions, based on their prior work in history on Tutankhamun’s tomb!