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Year 3

Maths Week Activities in Year 3


Year Three have been having great fun already this week as part of our Maths Week activities. Today's activity taught us all about basic mapskills and how to read a compass. We became school planners for the afternoon and tried to create our own birds eye views of the school. It was quite tricky thinking about the size of the different buildings and where they were positioned in the school grounds. We had great fun in the outdoors finding True North and following compass directions as quickly as we could.

Orienteering. Following algorithms for direction. Origami paper folding angles. Building hidden shapes by following instructions.

We have rounded off our very exciting Maths Week today by building hidden shapes and then describing the sequence and direction of colours for our partners. We weren't allowed to show them our origional shape when they were trying to recreate it. We had to use Maths terms such as Vertical, Horizontal, Rotate and degrees. We have had a fantastic week and these extra skills have been a great boost to our written work as well.