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KS2 Weekly Challenges

Please remember to email your teachers and let them know your highest score on each challenge. You can complete each challenge as many times as you like, remembering to always try and beat your previous score! Good Luck!!!

Challenge 1 | Sock Ladder Challenge

This week, The Sock Ladder Challenge will test your speed, agility and quickness.

Challenge 2 | The Sock Challenge

Challenge 3 | Star Jumps Challenge

The Star Jumps Challenge How many star-jumps can you complete in 20 seconds?

Challenge 4 | Squat Thrust Challenge

How many squat thrusts can you do in 20 seconds?

Challenge 5 | Stork Balance Challenge

The Stork Balance Challenge is not as easy as it may look.

Challenge 6 | The Plank Challenge

Challenge 7 | KS2 Speed Bounce Challenge

The Speed Bounce Challenge will help to get your pulse racing and your heart beating faster.