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At St. Edward's we are committed to the delivery of excellence in the teaching of Phonics. We aim to develop each child so that they are able to read with fluency and inspire a love of reading. Phonics is a key skill that supports the development of early reading skills and our aim is to teach every child to read and write. 

At St. Edward's we follow Sound!Start Phonics for Letters and Sounds. The children are offered a range of opportunities to develop and extend their Phonics skills in Reception and KS1. 

We have linked some games below to support Phonics learning at home.

Sounds of the English Phonic Code -Synthetic Phonics.

Tami Reis-Frankfort, reading specialist and trainer, demonstrates how to pronounce the sounds of the English Phonic Code, when teaching children to read with Synthetic Phonics.

Year 1 phonics screening check training video

This video is for teachers undertaking the year 1 phonics screening check. Teachers should watch this after they have read the Check administrators' guide which includes a section on how to score the check. The video exemplifies issues that could arise in the check. Each check should be relatively simple to score.