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Online Safety Evidence

Safer Internet Day, 2024

Spring 1

For Safer Internet Day, Year 2 focused on Online Gaming.

We spoke about the devices we use at home and the games that are played. We talked about the pros and cons of online gaming. We listed to a story about two characters, Mo and Jaz. We thought about how each character felt, who their trusted adults were, who our trusted adults are (safeguarding paws) and reflected on what we had learnt from the story. 

Year 3 What is AI and how can it help?
We took part in the live lesson on BBC teach where we learned all about AI and what it can do. We discovered it could be used both positively and negatively.

We looked at statements that were true and false about AI and had to decide what we thought. We then looked at some of the AI devices that can be used to influence our decisions with regards to technology and then we looked at scenarios and had to decide how they could affect us.

Online safety posters

In Year 3 it was actually the children idea to make fantastic posters to earn people about AI and how common it is in the world around, even we do not realise we are using it! 
The children were very shocked at the amount of dangers and wanted to create posters to warn other children about AI.

Autumn 2 - Online Relationships

Year 3 online safety

In Year 3, we have looked at how we can make the internet a better place. We then decided on our top tips and why this is important. We then looked at what a meme is and shared our thoughts and opinions. We looked at some scenarios where things had been shared online and what the problems were in the scenarios.

Year 4 Autumn 2 Online Safety Day

In Year 4 we discussed what being safe means to us, and wrote about a time we felt unsafe online and what we did to make the situation safer. We also had a discussion about respect and wrote our own definitions of respect. Finally, we used the netbooks and iPads to explore the webpage which contains lots of useful videos, information and quizzes all about online safety. 

Year 1: Autumn 2- Online Safety Day 

The children in Year 1 met Smartie the Penguin and answered questions about online safety. The children recognised that if they saw something online that was not appropriate they should tell an adult. The children also learnt a song. The song is below:


Autumn 2 - Online Relationships

Year 2 have been looking at the following objectives:

-Ways in which we communicate with others

-What is acceptable information to share online

-Identify people who can help us, if we are not sure about something online

-Explain the word, permission and why it is important

-Explain why we should always ask a trusted adult, about clicking 'yes', 'agree' or 'accept' online

Autumn 1, Online Safety: Self Image and Identity 

Y1 Autumn 1 Computing Evidence

Year 6


Can I identify and critically evaluate online content relating to gender, race, religion, disability, culture and other groups, and explain why it is important to challenge and reject inappropriate representations online?


In Year 6, we discussed what stereotypes are and how they can be helpful and unhelpful. We spoke about what gender stereotypes are and how they are not always accurate. For example, lots of girls in the class do not like pink! We thought about how ads can be targeted at people online and how we felt about it.



We designed adverts for the same toy, with each group focused on a different stereotype.

Year 5

In Year 5, we looked into how online profiles can be improved. We listed six top tips for people creating an online profile. Our tips help people to share their identity safely within games, apps and websites. We also looked at online relationships. During this session, we reminded ourselves of who we can talk to in school and talked about our safeguarding paws. We thought about reporting routes and also what support means to us.


In our third session, we were in role as digital detectives. We filled in one t-shirt thinking about what information we would share with family and friends, and then looked at the information that would be safe to share with a stranger. 


Online bullying was the focus of our fourth session. We discussed what banter means and shared situations where a comment made would not be banter. 


In our final two sessions, we looked at fake news and privacy/security. By looking at managing our passwords, we summarised our learning so that we can stay safe online. 

Year 2

Can I explain how others may look and act differently online?

Can I give examples of what might make someone feel happy, sad, scared, excited and worried online?


We discussed what the phrase, online safety means and how important it is to keep ourselves safe, online.

Mrs Taylor/Mr Worthington, told us all about the internet 'back in the day' and how they would have to dial in to the internet before they could use it, compared to how quickly we can access the internet on devices today.



We spoke about what an Avatar is and created an example of Mrs Taylor

We created our own Avatar (paper copy and online)

We played a 'Guess the Avatar game'

We looked at different scenarios and thought about how they would make us feel. 


Here at Saint Edward's we are supporting Safer Internet Day!