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Netball League Matches: Shenley Academy - Wednesday 9th November 2016


Team List: Lola, Bridget, Isla, Angel, Gracie, Helena, Maddison, Katie 


On Wednesday 9th November our Netball team played 3 of our League matches at Shenley Academy.

Our first match was against Colmer's Farm but we had to play with only 6 players as our final two were stuck in traffic. In the first quarter Colmer's scored but we kept our spirits high. By the third quarter it was still 1 - 0. We tried really hard but we just couldn't pull the goal back. At the final whistle it was 1 - 0 to Colmer's. A really good start considering we were two players down - one who was our shooter!

In the second match we played West Heath and our team was finally complete! Within a few minutes Katie scored. We continued to work hard throughout the rest of the game but it was a closely fought match and both teams defended well. By the end of the match the score was 1 - 0 to us.

Our final match was against Raddlebarn. By this time it was really cold and our fingers were so cold it was difficult to keep a grip on the ball. We all played really well and tried hard but Raddlebarn were a really good team. By the end of the game it was 10 - 0 to Raddlebarn. The score, although big, doesn't reflect the game as we had lots of chances but just couldn't score.

Everyone left the court a little heavy hearted, tired, cold and hungry. This was our first ever experience of playing against other schools and we all played well as a team, tried hard and had fun. I think we can be very proud of ourselves - Mrs Watkins and Mrs Phipson are!


Report by Isla


Next Match: December 2nd away to Cotteridge.


Year 5 Football Team 2016

Year 5 Football Team 2016 1

Year 5 children took part in a Football Tournament at St Lawrence School in Northfield recently with great success. Here is their write-up of what happened on that exciting night.


First of all we arrived at St Lawrence School to play football. Our first match was against St Mary's. This was our first match together ever, but we won 2-0 thanks to Noelie who scored both goals.

Our second match was against St Lawrence, and Noelie scored again for us to win 1-0.

Our final match was against Bells Farm. It was a very exciting match, but ended up as a 0-0 draw.

At the end of the tournament we found out that we had come first overall and we are through to the finals in a few weeks time. Special thanks to Mr Silverton for being a great manager.