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Year 5 Football Team 2016

Year 5 Football Team 2016 1

Year 5 children took part in a Football Tournament at St Lawrence School in Northfield recently with great success. Here is their write-up of what happened on that exciting night.


First of all we arrived at St Lawrence School to play football. Our first match was against St Mary's. This was our first match together ever, but we won 2-0 thanks to Noelie who scored both goals.

Our second match was against St Lawrence, and Noelie scored again for us to win 1-0.

Our final match was against Bells Farm. It was a very exciting match, but ended up as a 0-0 draw.

At the end of the tournament we found out that we had come first overall and we are through to the finals in a few weeks time. Special thanks to Mr Silverton for being a great manager.