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School Council

Our School Councillors are currently looking at the issues raised from in-class council meetings. We are reviewing the feedback and deciding on a few issues that we can address.

We have been looking at the 'lining up' award and talking to the children about what they think about this. We have worked closely with Mrs Solanki and come up with new rewards for KS2. 



Year 2016/2017 New School Councillors:

  • Haytham R1
  • Finton R2
  • Max 1T
  • Maureen 1T
  • Evan 1W
  • Tina 1W
  • Tristan 2M
  • Lena 2M
  • Umar-Ali 2B
  • Carrie 2B
  • Patrick 3B
  • Inaaya 3B
  • Joseph 3C
  • Millie 3C
  • Reece 4S
  • Hannah 4S
  • Ray 4N
  • Eva 4N
  • Shu'ayb 5K
  • Lucy 5K
  • Senan 5M
  • Muneeza 5M
  • Amari 6C
  • Julienne 6C
  • Uwa 6S
  • Gwyneth  6S



School Council Update July 2016


Our School Councillors have worked hard this year to make improvements to our school.


We have been working closely with the dinner staff; we have been looking at the school dinner menu to see what children like and/or what could be improved and we have been testing out Roxy’s new delicious menu choices.


We have met regularly to share children’s views across the school and to organise events. We had a very successful Christmas Fayre stall and raised money for our Parish.


We have started to train our School Councillors to help lead Praise Assemblies and to help organise children to play music on entrance.

We have recently re-vamped our prayer Garden as we felt this was such an important part of our school that wasn’t in its best condition. This means our children now have somewhere private where they can go during their own time for prayer and reflection.


We have planned a very exciting non-school uniform day to raise money to buy new lunchtime equipment for the children. You will hear about this very soon! We are currently awaiting our new Silver ties too, so we can ensure everyone in school knows who we are and who to approach!

Keep posted for more School Council news!

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to ensure that their voices are represented, to support the school improvement and feel part of the whole school community.

Our School Council have been elected for this academic year 2015-16.

The election took place on Thursday 5th November.

The elected new School Council members were announced on Friday 6th November in the newsletter and in Praise assembly.. The lead teacher for the school council is Miss Thompson.



More news about our school council to come.....