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Year 5 Outward Bounds Updates - April 2023

Signing off 


What an amazing week we have had! The children have demonstrated great maturity, resilience and positivity. Each one has faced new challenges head on and encouraged one another to reach new goals. We are so proud to see how much they have grown as individuals and as a team this week, to become confident, mature young learners! We know this week will be embedded into their every day life and will be able to face Year 6 with a smile and a helping hand. 

From Miss Costello, Mr Worthington, Mrs Taylor, Miss Avery and Miss McDonald- thank you children for making us laugh everyday, you are all stars. It has been a pleasure and an honour to be with you this week x

Team Muir Day 5- Rafting and a Jog and Dip

Splashing around

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Friday - Team Hill 


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The view from our final walk

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Friday Team Fiennes

Friday - Team Bonington Jog and Dip


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Smashing Personal Goals

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Thursday Team Feinnes rock climbing and rowing

Team Muir Day 4- Gorge Scrambling, Raft Building and Campfire

Thursday- Team Bonington

Mountain Climb

Thursday - Team Hill 


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Wednesday - Team Hill 

Quote of the day: ‘When we’re working together, we can do anything.’ J, Team Hill


Wow, what an amazing day Team Hill have had. This morning we canoed from Howtown Pier to Sandwick Bay, in rafted canoes. We then walked on the Lakeshore path, from Sandwick Bay to Kailpot Crag in Hallinhag Wood for fire lighting, which we then used to make hot chocolate. 

This evening, we played a variety of team bonding games! 

 Wednesday - Bonington - River Gorging

What an adventure we had today! We prepared ourselves for gorge walking by packing our own bags and putting on our equipment. After a short hike (about 2km!) we reached our destination for gorge walking. Our team showed such great resilience- I am SO proud of you. 

Wednesday - Team Fiennes - Canoeing and Orienteering 

What a great day we had on the lake today! After getting our own equipment ready, we had to tether the canoes together and work as a team to push them out on to the water. We then worked as a team to paddle the canoes around the lake and before returning to shore, we enjoyed lunch on the canoes!

Team Muir Day 2- Rock-climbing, abseiling, belaying, canoeing and orienteering

Tuesday- Team Bonington Rowing and Hiking

We had an amazing adventure on the lake today! Firstly, we had to pack our own backpacks for the day, making sure we had all of the equipment needed (including our lunch). We then walked

down to the flotation shed and got kitted out in a buoyancy vest. Once on the boat, it was up to the group to paddle us across the lake to reach our destination. About halfway through, we stopped and ate our lunch on the boat- what a view!


When we finally reached the other side, we spent some time on the shore exploring the area and getting ourselves ready for our hike. 

Team Bonington - Rowing and Hiking

Team Bonington - Rowing

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Team Bonington - Hiking

Tuesday - jog and dip

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Team Fiennes- Sun’s Out, Glasses Out

Team Fiennes - Getting ready for tomorrow

Team Fiennes- Team Building

Team Muir Day 1- Jog and Dip and Team Working Challenges

Group 1 - Mr Worthington

Jog and a Dip

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Dinner Time

Group 1 - Evening Activity Jog and a Dip!


We arrived safe and sound, ready to begin out adventure. Keep visiting the website for more updates 🙂