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Year 5

Autumn 1, Week 7- Canticle of St Francis of Assisi and Creation Prayer Service

Thea and Lola led a beautiful prayer service for the year group all about Being Kind and the Wonders of Creation. Every detail was planned carefully, from the music to artefacts.

Creation Prayer Service

Autumn 1, Week 4 - Little Way Week

The children have learnt about St Therese of Liseux as we celebrated 'Little Way Week'.


Little Way Week is inspired by St Thérèse of Lisieux, patron of mission. As a child St Thérèse dreamed of being a missionary. With age she understood that very few of us are called to make big and radical gestures, but that through small, loving actions we too can deliver God’s love to the world.

The Year that was 2021-22

Holy Week Learning


The children in Year 5 are creating booklets explaining the events of Holy Week to share with the St. Edward’s Church congregation.

Wednesday 9th February 2022

What is ‘God’s Kingdom’ to Year 5?

Friday 19th November

This week, Year 5 have been working on putting together their Advent Prayer Services. Once complete, these will be shared with the younger classes in school, during the week of Advent.

Friday 8th October 

This week Year 5 have written their own prayer poems based on St Francis’ Canticle of Creation.

Friday 1st October

This week Year 5 wrote some lovely prayers thanking God for all the gifts and talents He has given them.

Friday 1st October

On Wednesday this week we went to St. Edward's Church for Year 5's Mass service. The children were so reverent and enthusiastic, and sang the hymns 'I The Lord of Sea and Sky' and 'Christ Be Our Light' beautifully.


All children wrote their own Bidding Prayers prior to the service, and several children read theirs out in church. Those who spoke did so very eloquently, as they asked God to watch over Father Denis and us, as well as the sick and vulnerable in our community, victims of war in Afghanistan, young people whose lives have been disrupted by the pandemic, and others who are in need of God's love and guidance. The introduction and Psalm were also read by Year 5 pupils, who were confident and eloquent also.


Thank you to all staff and parents who walked to Mass with us. You are greatly appreciated!

Friday 24th September 

We have written some beautiful bidding prayers, ready for our Year Group Mass next Wednesday.

This week with have been thinking about our faith. But what is faith?

Friday 17th September 

Year 5 have been thinking about Creation this week, and where it all began.

Genesis 1:1-31 “In the beginning, when God created the universe, the earth was formless and desolate…”


Creation Wheels by Year 5

Friday 10th September 

Catholic Life in Year 5


Year 5 came up with some wonderful words to describe our beautiful Holy Mother, Mary.  Have a look at their creations below..

Mary in Bloom in Year 5

Tuesday 21st September


Year 5 celebrated 100 years of The Legion of Mary by praying the Rosary together.