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Year 2

Week 5

We have been exploring the Old Testament even further this week and have heard what can happen if we do not obey God, look out for whales! We have also learned about Daniel and how he was brave and courageous and always faithful to God. 
We are all very keen to be prayer leaders and always share who we would like to pray for, we have started to think about our wider community in our prayers and praying for people that we may not know.

Week 3 and 4

We have been learning about lots of the people in the Old Testament. We have been quite shocked at some of the things that God asked people to do, but we could see that the people were faithful and believed in God so did as he asked. We even brought our RE learning to our Outdoor Day and we were role playing David and Goliath.

We had our first mass of the term this week where we sang beautifully and listened to Father Denis teaching us about God’s word.

Week 1 and 2

Year 2 have already got off to a busy and reverent start to the academic year.

In the first week of term we celebrated the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a special prayer service, followed by activities where we could make things dedicated to her. We made birthday cards, we wrote prayers, we painted pictures and we made flowers to place on the special Mary altar we created.


We have explored our school mission statement and thought of ways that we could show everybody that "Jesus is at the heart of all the we do."


We have started to learn about our class saint, Saint Anthony. We have tried to be mini St. Anthony's by finding a number of items both inside and outside. We have taken prayer cards home so that we can prayer to him all of the time.


We have been finding out all about our Gospel Virtues for this half term and have tried to find times when Jesus was Compassionate and Loving and have though of ways that we could follow his example.

The year that was 21-22

Vocations Week

This week in school we celebrated vocations week. We looked at our own gifts and talents that God has given us and how it is important for us to share these with others. We used the example of a light and how it is covered it doesn't shine and how that is like our gifts and talents, we need to share them like that light. We also looked at how God spoke to Samuel and that although God may not call us in the same way, we will only hear God's call if our hearts are open to listening.

Year 2 Mass

Year 2 led our final mass of the term so beautifully in church. Father Denis commented on how some of the smallest children were so confident and read so clear. Well done children!

Holy Week

It has been a great week in Year 2 learning all about the events in Holy Week, the children amazed us with how much they could remember from last year. We thanked and praised Jesus as if we were a member of the crowd and then used this to reflect and thank and praise him for the tings we have now. We learned about Jesus washing the disciples feet at the last supper and how shocked they all were at Jesus being a servant, by the end we had learned that Jesus was showing us we should all serve each other and God. We compared the Last Supper to the celebrations of mass today and noticed that Jesus and Father Denis say the same thing, because each time we go to mass we are sharing in that special occasion. Not only did we take part in a beautiful whole school stations of the cross assembly, but we used the stations of the cross positioned around school to truly understand that final journey that Jesus took.


The children had so many ideas and thoughts about those less fortunate than ourselves and people who we could potentially raise money for as part of our fundraising efforts. These included the elderly, refugees and victims of war, people with disabilities and many more. Their reasons for wanting to raise money for these groups were both mature and reflective.


As always, we celebrated Ash Wednesday to mark the start of Lent. Although we didn't attend mass in church we watched via the webcam as KS2 led the mass beautifully and Mrs Kennett came to administer our ashes and we were able to answer lots of her questions showing how much we had learned and remembered.


At the start of Lent, we always try to think of ways to be more like Jesus and follow in his foot steps. To show our commitment to this we all write promises that we were going to try to uphold during this season of Lent.


As part of our Lenten fundraising, Year 2 were selling tip tops. All of the children were so eager to give up their own time to sell tip tops to other year groups in the school. Each and everyone of them showed dedication to thinking of those less fortunate than themselves.


Outdoor day

Advent craft

This week the children completed their Advent Craft focusing on the wreath and it’s significance.

Meditation and praying in colour

This week we have been focusing on taking time for God. We spent some time meditating and praying in colour.

Role Play

We have been looking at stories from the Old Testament. We have been reading them from the bible and today we worked in groups to role play the story.


This week 2SW were able to pray the Rosary with the Legion of Mary. They were so focused and reverent they were able to pray it in its entirety. We are lucky to have this time during the month of October where we have Mary at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers. Next week 2SM will have the same opportunity.

Little Way Week


We started the week by looking at the ‘Mission Together’ website and why this week is so special. The children were very interested to learn about St.Therese and how she made a big difference at such a young age. As St.Therese is usually pictured holding roses, the children all wrote something little that they could do this week to try to make a positive difference to our school community and decorated it.


Celebrating 100 years of the Legion of Mary

The children showed great respect during our session learning about the Legion of Mary and their work. The children had lots of questions to ask and we even said a full decade of the rosary! They responded reverently and with enthusiasm.

Our Class Saint

This week we began learning about our class Saint …..Saint Anthony!

We began by learning about what a Saint is and why Saint Anthony is special and was made a Saint. We know that we can pray to him if we lose something and he will help us to find it. To show how tricky it can be to find things when they are lost and to put ourselves in his position, we began by playing Ispy and finding religious objects in different pictures and we then went outside in our teams to find a number of things in a scavenger hunt.

The nativity of Mary

This Wednesday, Year 2 celebrated the nativity of the blessed Virgin Mary. We began our afternoon with a prayer service, where we looked at the significant moments, where through Mary’s support Jesus was able to fulfil God’s plan. The children set the altar and we discussed the significance of the items we placed on it. The children had many questions and comments to share demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of Mary’s life. We then made flowers to place on our Mary altar, we wrote prayers and messages to Mary, made birthday cards and concertina Mary models.