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Year 2


This week 2SW were able to pray the Rosary with the Legion of Mary. They were so focused and reverent they were able to pray it in its entirety. We are lucky to have this time during the month of October where we have Mary at the forefront of our thoughts and prayers. Next week 2SM will have the same opportunity.

Little Way Week


We started the week by looking at the ‘Mission Together’ website and why this week is so special. The children were very interested to learn about St.Therese and how she made a big difference at such a young age. As St.Therese is usually pictured holding roses, the children all wrote something little that they could do this week to try to make a positive difference to our school community and decorated it.


Celebrating 100 years of the Legion of Mary

The children showed great respect during our session learning about the Legion of Mary and their work. The children had lots of questions to ask and we even said a full decade of the rosary! They responded reverently and with enthusiasm.

Our Class Saint

This week we began learning about our class Saint …..Saint Anthony!

We began by learning about what a Saint is and why Saint Anthony is special and was made a Saint. We know that we can pray to him if we lose something and he will help us to find it. To show how tricky it can be to find things when they are lost and to put ourselves in his position, we began by playing Ispy and finding religious objects in different pictures and we then went outside in our teams to find a number of things in a scavenger hunt.

The nativity of Mary

This Wednesday, Year 2 celebrated the nativity of the blessed Virgin Mary. We began our afternoon with a prayer service, where we looked at the significant moments, where through Mary’s support Jesus was able to fulfil God’s plan. The children set the altar and we discussed the significance of the items we placed on it. The children had many questions and comments to share demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of Mary’s life. We then made flowers to place on our Mary altar, we wrote prayers and messages to Mary, made birthday cards and concertina Mary models.