School Logo

Visions and Values of our school

At St Edward's Catholic Primary, our mission statement is:

 'Jesus is at the heart of all that we do'

This reminds us about what we are all here to do and that Jesus is at the core of everything we do. We follow the Gospel values and believe that they underpin our teaching and learning. We provide a happy and safe environment where we aim to help nurture our pupils to be confident and happy citizens. As a Catholic Primary school, we believe that we can help the children to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Catholic faith. Our sole purpose is to serve and educate the families within St Edward's Parish and must ensure that everyone achieves to the best of their ability, having high expectations of behaviour but also academic success. We are here to ensure that all children, whatever their ability and needs, are able to do their very best.We also want our children to enjoy school, feel valued, feel safe and cared for. We also want our families to work with us as in partnership.


We will do our best to take on board your views and hope to be trusted to make the best decisions for all of the children in our care.


At St. Edward’s, we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of the children and adults in our school, and we have the same expectation of our staff and volunteers.