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Worms For Kids

Let's take a close look at worms in her treehouse den, and show children how to make a wormery. For more videos about bugs click: For t...

Worms Are Wonderful

Ever wonder what those little earthworms are up to? Learn why worms are wonderful with Jessi and Squeaks! #education #science #elementary #learning #kids ---...

DIY paper crafts for kids | Paper worm

DIY paper crafts for kids Paper worm | DIY easy paper crafts how to make paper worm | diy paper worm 5 minute crafts for kids how to make worm how to make pa...

How to draw a Worm Step by Step | Easy drawings

Learn How to draw a Worm for kids, easy and step by step. Draw this Worm by following this drawing lesson.

String Painting Project for Kids

Use friendship thread, string or yarn to create intricate paint designs on paper!

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