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Rudolf Run~ Money Raised For St Mary’s Hospice

Advent Prayer Service

People Who Care For Us Craft

As part of our topic 'People who care for us',the children enjoyed listening to the Bible story about the Wedding at Cana and acting out a wedding in the classroom.

Wedding at Cana Role Play

Animal Man ~ Looking After God’s Creations

Class Mass 6.7.22

This week we celebrated Mass in the school hall.  The theme of our Mass was 'Saint Edward's School Family' were we gave thanks to God for our wonderful year together and also welcomed our new families who will be joining us in September. It was a beautiful Mass and the perfect way to offer thanks to God.

Week 25.6.22- RSE

This week in RSE the children learnt about the Holy Trinity and, linked to our work from last week about Pentecost, we learnt that the Holy Spirit is part of the Holy Trinity. We went on an outdoor hunt to look to pictures and quotes to remind us how much God loves us.


The children have enjoyed learning about the feast of Pentecost. They listened to the story and then made their own flames. We took the flames outside to feel the wind and danced with our flames to show we were filled with the Holy Spirit like the Disciples. We also built shelters in the forest to keep the Disciples safe.

Week 3.5.22- Vocations Week

This week the children took part in whole school Mass for Vocations Week and we learnt that Father Denis wanted to be a pilot before God called him to be a priest. We talked about what God might be calling us to be.

After Mass we took part in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament where we focused on how special the Body of Christ really is.

Week 25.4.22- Easter and Lenten fundraising continued

This week the children learnt about the story of the Resurrection and talked about how they celebrated Easter at home with their families. 

We also finished off our Lenten fundraising by taking part in the whole school sponsored move that was postponed from the end of last term due to the weather.  The children completed all 14 stations and their enthusiasm and determination was a credit to them.

Week 4.4.22- Holy week and Easter fundraising

This week we have been learning all about the events of Holy Week and why Easter is such a special celebration for us .

We enjoyed taking part in lots of fundraising activities to help people who are less fortunate than us.

Week 21.3.22- Mother's Day Mass and Fancy Dress fundraising

This week the children came together to celebrate a beautiful Mass. We gave thanks for our mommies and asked God to look after them all. We also continued our Lenten journey by dressing up as Superheroes and Princesses and giving the money to our school charities

Week 14.3.22- Lent

This week we learnt about the importance of saying 'sorry' in Lent. We wrote our own sorry prayers and learnt a new hymn:

" O Lord I am sorry, that I have caused you pain, and I ask you to forgive me, I will try again, let me try again."

We will be singing this every morning to show Jesus that we are truly sorry for our bad choices.

Week 7.3.2 -Creation

This week the children continued their work on Creation by thinking about the wonderful world that God has made. We also thought about the gifts that he has given to us and how it is important to share them with others.

Week 28.2.22- Ash Wednesday and Lenten Promises

This week the children marked the beginning of the Season of Lent by watching Mass on the webcam and receiving ashes on our foreheads. We learnt that the ashes are a way of saying sorry for the bad choices that we have made, and help us to think about the sacrifice Jesus made for us at Easter. We began our Lenten journey by writing our Lenten Promises, thinking about not just what we could give up but also how we could help other people.

Week 14.2.22 - Saint Valentine

This week we learnt about Saint Valentine and talked about the people who show love to us. The children knew that there is someone who loves us all everyday- Jesus. We learnt the song 'Jesus' love is very Wonderful' to help us celebrate this.

Week 7.2.22- Rosary and Creation

This week it was R2's turn to pray the Rosary. Before we started we looked at the Rosary beads and talked about what we could see. Then we learnt that a decade is 10 prayers and that there are 5 different decades on our Rosary beads

" We pray for Jesus with the Rosary Beads."

"I can see Mary because she's special. I can see her on the big one."

"Jesus is one the cross."

" There's a cross on it and it looks like a circle necklace."


In our work on the Creation story, we listened to the story from the Bible and sorted pictures of things that were made by God or made by people.

Week 31.1.22- Reception Mass and Rosary

This week the children celebrated our first school Mass on the Feast of Candlemas. The children read beautifully and sang with such enthusiasm it was a pleasure to be part of their celebration.

Class R1 also took part in the online Rosary this week, it was a chance for us to look at the Rosary beads and begin to learn about this very special prayer. R2 are looking forward to having their turn next week.

Week 24.1.22

This week the children have been practicing for the Reception Mass next Wednesday. We have learnt about the feast of Candlemas and how Jesus was recognized by Simeon as being such a special person. The children are really looking forward to celebrating our Mass on Wednesday.


Week 7.1.22- Christmas and the Feast of the Epiphany

This week the children have been learning about the Christmas story and talking about how they celebrated Christmas with their families. We made birthday cards for Baby Jesus and painted pictures from the Christmas story. 

On Thursday, we celebrated the Feast of the Epiphany by learning about the 3 Wise Men and the gifts they brought to Jesus.

Week 13.12.21- Nativity and End of term Mass

This week the children took part in our whole school Nativity and they did a brilliant job singing our class carol 'Silent Night' and joined in with the whole school to sing 'Away in a Manger', 'Love shone down' and 'Oh come all ye faithful'. it was a beautiful way to share the true message of Christmas and we were very proud of all the children.

We were also lucky enough to be able to share in Year 1's Mass to celebrate the end of the term. It was our first time joining the other children in School Mass and the children were very reverent and respectful throughout, listening carefully to the Advent message.

Week 6.12.21- Advent week 2 and Nativity

This week we came together each morning for Collective Worship. We learnt that there are 4 candles on the Advent wreath, made our own Advent prayers and learnt the song 'Stay awake, be ready'.

We have also been busy practicing for our outdoor Nativity next week. We think the parents are in for a real treat and we can't wait to perform it for you.

   'Stay awake, be ready,

 you do not know the hour,

but the Lord is coming.

Stay awake be ready. 

The Lord is coming soon.

Alleluia, Alleluia. The Lord is coming soon.'

Week 29.11.21- Blessing and Advent Craft

This week we celebrated in Church with our Year 5 buddies for our Reception blessing. The children were amazing and we could really see the light of Jesus shining from them.

Our buddies helped us celebrate the start of Advent by making an Advent wreath with us. We had lots of fun learning about the wreath and why we have them.


Week 22.11.21- St Edward's Church

This week the children had their first visit to Saint Edward's Church. We talked about all the different artefacts we could see and if we had seen any of them before. We read a story from the Bible and talked about the role of Father Denis in church. The children really enjoyed spending some time in God's house.

Week 8.11.21- Remembrance Day

This week the children watched a video to help us learn about Remembrance Day. We learnt why people wear poppies and talked about where we had seen poppies before. We discussed how the soldiers were very brave and would have felt scared. We talked about the importance of saying 'Thank you' to them and held a special prayer service to remember them.

Week 1.11.21 Baptism

This week we continued to learn about the sacrament of Baptism by acting out a Baptism in class and talking about the symbols and artefacts used. We looked at the Baptismal candle and thought about how we can let our lights shine for Jesus everyday. When we learnt about Diwali we talked about the links between the Hindu festival of light and Baptism 


On Monday, we met our Year 5 buddies in our Buddy Assembly and we can't wait to see them again and look forward to celebrate our blessing in Church with them next month.


In RSE we thought about the people in our families who are special to us, and the important job they play setting a positive role model for us. We talked about how Jesus is the ultimate role model for us and thought of ways that we will try to be more like him.

Week 18.10.21- Baptism

This week the children have started to learn about the sacrament of Baptism. We talked about our Christian names and how God calls us by our name to be part of his family. We celebrated being called to God's family by decorating our names. we had lots of fun !


Week 11.10.21- Saint Edward's Feast Day

This week we celebrated the feast of Saint Edward by learning some facts about him drawing pictures of him. The children were very proud of their work and wanted to put it on display. We think the result looks amazing!

Week 8.10.21 People Who Care for Us

This week,after completing our RE Baseline Assessments, we have begun to teach the children how to make the Sign of the Cross and introduced them to some of our daily prayers. We changed our alter cloth to blue for the month of the Rosary and talked to the children about the objects we were placing on to the alter.

We have also been learning about Jesus' family and talking about how our own families show love and care to us.