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Polar Explorer Programme 2018-2019

Polar Day Learning February 5th 2019

Polar Explorer Day - Tuesday 5th February 2019
On Tuesday, we celebrated our  whole school Polar Explorer Day. Our Polar Ambassador, Dr Jenny Watson, led a whole school assembly explaining the importance of polar exploration when learning about the past, present and future of our planet. Every child took part in a range of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities that focused on engineering, climate change, animals and adaptation, exploration and the oceans.


It was an inspiring day that enabled the children to apply their STEM skills to a real life context and learn more about current polar exploration. 

Year Four Polar Explorers

We are Polar Explorers!

We are really fortunate to be involved in the Polar Explorer Programme launched by STEM Learning (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) which encourages and supports schools who are keen to raise aspirations and attainment in STEM subjects and aims to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. The children will be learning about the Polar regions through a cross curricular approach and real life problem solving. 


Year four have launched our Polar Exploration, by working with our Polar Ambassador, Dr. Jenny Watson. Before the launch day the children recorded what they thought a polar explorer looked like and what roles they carried out. Dr Watson then worked with year four for a day investigating boat design using different materials and then conducted a fair test on the movement of icebreaker boats through sand. The children really enjoyed the experience of working with a real scientist and are looking forward to learning more about the Polar regions.  


Next term, we will be holding a whole school Polar Science Day with the aim of engaging all year groups with this fantastic opportunity. More information to follow.