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Oliver's Vegetables

Oliver's Vegetables

Author: Vivian French Illustrated by: Alison Bartlett Read by: Matthew Willsher Do you like chips? Oliver does, in fact, he won't eat anything else - until h...

Oliver's Fruit Salad

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Oliver's Milkshake

Show younger children why eating their fruit and veg is good for them

Fruit and vegetables contain some very important nutrients that our bodies need, including vitamins, minerals and fibre. This video is for children aged 5-7 ...

Foods we need to eat less often

Not all food is good for us. There are foods that might taste nice but they don't give our bodies any of the nutrients our bodies need. Instead they can cont...

Giuseppe Arcimboldo Fruit and Vegetable Art Resources

Still life fruit bowl collage

How to make a still life fruit bowl for elementary students inspired by Paul Cezanne. Appropriate for 6-8 year old kids (1st & 2nd grade).