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Peace Summit 2017

The children enjoyed an informative and fun day at the Midlands Art Centre, Birmingham.  Here is an account written by Oscar in Year 6:

On Thursday, Mrs Carry and Miss Sankey took some children to the Peacemaker's Children's Peace Summit.  The children who attended were: Oscar, Tanya, Matyas, Valerie, Anhika, Ammar and Adam.  

The summit was to celebrate the Peacemaker's 30th birthday and the International Day of Peace.  

We were split into two groups.  The red group's first activity focused on Peace at school, whilst the green group focused on Peace Around the World.  After this, we swapped.  

During the lunch break, some of us were interviewed on camera.  After lunch, we spent time with Beat Freaks, using the spoken word to get our messages of peace across to others.  Some of our group created a peace tree.

Thank you to Mrs Carry and Miss Sankey for taking us.

Oscar 6O'L