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History of St Edward's Catholic Primary School


The Catholic Church's primary ministry consisted in staffing parish schools but above all was to to teach the poor. in the mid nineteenth century elementary education was was not compulsory. In 1839, some government grants became available and in 1846 the Catholic Poor School Committee was founded to promote Catholic education At the same time, the factory Act of 1844 attempted to limit the employment hours of children and to insist on children between the ages of 8 and 13 spending three days or six half days in school. Sister Genevieve Dupuis opened night schools for children working during the day. She also insisted on her sisters needing to be certified and well trained to teach. From 1853 there was a training School for Catholic teachers at St Chad's and one for the Sisters in Banbury-to train sisters to teach parish elementary schools.


St Genevieve Dupuis founded St Edward's on the ground of St Paul's Convent in 1874 and then St Paul's Secondary School for girls, Vernon Road, which was opened in 1908.


The original infant building was opened in 1895 on Raddlebarn Road. 


Our current school building stands on convent land and was built in two stages 1969 and 2011, when we became united on one site in 2012.