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Hector and the Big Bad Knight

Hector and the Big Bad Knight by Alex T. Smith

Hector and the Big Bad Knight by Alex T. Smith, read outloud Can Hector retrieve Granny's wand from the Big Bad Knight? #picturebook #storytime #dragon #knig...

How to Make a Fire Breathing Dragon From a Paper Roll

How to make an egg carton dragon

Egg cartons provide an unlimited well of ideas for recycled crafts for kids. This easy egg carton craft dragon also comes with FREE printables to make things...

How To Make A Cardboard Shield

Learn how to make a cardboard shield before you and your family go on a day out to one of our historic places. For full instructions from this tutorial, visi...

How to Make a Castle using Cardboard and Toilet paper

hello today I will show you how to make a castle using cardboard and toilet paper. You need it: empty toilet paper, cardboard, color paper, Thank you for wat...