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Resources will be added here for you to access and complete with your child at home.

Transition Booklet Reception to Year 1

Hello Reception! 

We hope you are all having a lovely time at home with your families. It has been wonderful to receive some emails about what you have been up to and to see photographs being uploaded to Learning Book. You should all be able to access your own email account on Bgfl 365 where you will find emails from us and you can use that address to reply to us. 


If you have any issues with logging into any online systems, please email and we will try our best to help you.

Reception Home Learning Activities 

While your child is not in school please pick from any of the activities below and have lots of fun! These will ensure that your child is still learning whilst at home, keeping their minds active so that they are ready to come back to school to resume their learning.


Learning Book

Photographs and a caption about your child's learning at home can be uploaded to Learning Book and will be added to your child's online learning journal. This will help inform your child's on-going assessment and create a clear picture of their learning journey. At the end of the year a copy of your child's learning journal can be purchased as a hardback book or alternatively a digital copy on a secure memory stick. If you need your Learning Book  password to be reset or are having difficulties with uploading photographs please use the email below to contact your child's teacher. 

Activities that your child completes on paper can be completed into your child's home learning exercise book (if you received one) or into their homework book. 



To further support home learning the children have been issued Bgfl logins which can be accessed through This will provide your child with access to weekly home learning challenges and resources linked to the EYFS curriculum. You and your child will be able to access their Bgfl email account, files shared by their teacher and can also save their online work securely. Your child may enjoy exploring the features of Bgfl which includes paint, animation and coding. If your child is missing their login details and is not in school today, you can retrieve it by emailing their teacher on the following email:

You can also contact your child's teacher to keep them informed of your child's learning at home and to ask any questions that you may have. 

Early Learning Goals - What your child should be working on

What to Expect, When? 


This document gives guidance on what children will be learning in settings, nurseries and schools from birth to 5 years of age. It also provides some examples of how  you can support your child's development at home. 
Pages 24-33 relate to what your child will be learning in Reception. 

The pages with speech bubbles on indicate ways that you can support your child at home.

Useful Websites for Reception

Reception Home Learning Grid

🌈Reception's Rainbow Artwork 🌈

Sharing Your Child's Art with Others 

Many of you will have seen the news articles with regards to children creating rainbows as a sign of hope and positivity during the coronavirus COVID-19 self-isolation period.  We would love to see rainbows made by the children and upload these to the school website.  Be as creative as possible by painting, drawing, making a collage, or using simple construction materials.  There is also the option to use the paint and draw option on ‘j2e5’ on the BGFL home page.  Also feel free to add a little message – just remember not to use any names. 

Please email your class teachers using the year group email address.