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Extra Curricular School Clubs

In St Edward's we endeavour to provide extra curricular clubs for all year groups so our children have the opportunity to experience a wide range of physical, practical and creative activities which are run by both school staff and outside providers.


We have a range of clubs for children from all year groups which change from term to term. Each half term we look at the club provision  offered and try to adjust the timetable so each year group benefits from the activities we offer - so watch this space.


Any questions or queries relating to our extra curricular provision please contact:

Mrs Cullen (Extra Curricular Coordinator) or Miss Summerfield (PE Coordinator).

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The benefits of attending an extra curricular club

'The Brain Game Club' rules developed by the children

'The Brain Game Club' rules developed by the children 1

'The Brain Game Club' is up and running once again!