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Autumn 2 Week 3


Another busy week in 6EB. This week we have been really lucky to have a grandparent visit us to talk to us about WW2. Our visitor brought in lots of artefacts for us to examine and enjoy. We looked at identity cards, ration books, postcards and war medals! We listened carefully to fascinating stories about the times that our visitor shared with her family during the war.

Bo also brought in some of her own family heirlooms (her great-grandfather’s helmet and her grandmother’s gas mask). Thank you Bo! We loved looking at them and couldn’t believe how heavy they both were. Bo’s magnificent art work which she created using nail varnish and spray paint is also attached below. This painting could definitely feature in an art gallery! 

We have celebrated Anti-Bullying Week and Road Safety Week by creating posters and making pledges. 

Our big write looked a little different this week. We researched military animals in order to create information texts. The children couldn’t believe that donkeys and camels were used during the wars! 

I am very proud of Florence as she has achieved her pen license this week. Keep up the hard work Florence, well done. 😁

Autumn 2 Week 2


Wow what a fun-filled week we have had in 6EB! 

In our History and DT lessons, we have been creating our air raid shelters using recycled materials. We watched a virtual reality video to empathise with how people at the time would have felt having to cram into air raid shelters. Our class museum looks fantastic! 


We have celebrated Maths Week by getting involved with a Maths Mysteries Live Zoom. We watched the presenter work magic with Maths. A very clever magic trick using cards and number excited Thomas! 

Well done Year 6 for your efforts with Evacuee Day. You all put in a wonderful effort and looked brilliant! Please see all of our fantastic costumes below. We held a minute’s silence in the hall for Armistice Day and listened to some beautiful war music from the City of Birmingham’s Symphony Orchestra. The string quartet read part of our class text War Horse and performed alongside the story! We really enjoyed our time with them. During the afternoon, we watched the film Goodnight Mister Tom and compared the film to the book. A really enjoyable day had by all. I’m so proud of you all! 

Autumn 2 Week 1


We have had a fabulous week in Year 6. We had our outdoor day on Tuesday. The children enjoyed Blitz themed activities. 

In English and History, we learned all about primary and secondary sources. We examined a range of sources. These sources included real diary entries, photographs, newspaper articles and propaganda. Once we had found all of the sources on our playgrounds, we had to decide how useful the sources were. The children made the brilliant conclusion that no one source is enough to tell us everything about life at that time. A range of sources help us to learn more about life in the cities during World War 2. 

For our Art lesson, we designed our own Anderson shelters. We looked at examples and learned some really interesting facts about them. 3.5 millions Anderson shelters were built in total! In groups we decided what materials to bring in to create models. In our DT lesson next week, we will be creating our shelters. 

We created periscopes for our Science session. Periscopes were used during World War 1 in the trenches. The children enjoyed experimenting with angles and reflection. 

To celebrate coding week, we looked at cracking binary codes and creating our own binary codes in our unplugged Computing session. During our plugged Computing lesson, we worked really hard to have a go at a range of coding games. 


Well done! Keep up the hard work 6EB. 

Autumn 1 Week 7 

Class 6EB have had an excellent first half-term together. In our final week of this half-term, we have led a school Mass to celebrate St Luke’s Feast Day and we have created some dazzling art in the style of Jacqueline Hurley in preparation for Remembrance Day. 

Have a relaxing half-term everyone. See you soon on 1st November for a week consisting of a new class text, new topics, lots of coding and an outdoor day! 

Autumn 1 Week 6

Over the weekend, Miss Broadbent had a wonderful experience that she just had to share…

On Sunday, I attended the Cheltenham Literature Festival and it wasn’t until I looked at the programme of events that I noticed that… Joseph Coelho - the poet we studied during National Poetry Week- was performing his work on stage. I had to get tickets and he was just as brilliant in the flesh as he is in his videos for the BBC.


I even managed to meet him and his illustrator after the show and they signed some books for me. I shared with Coelho that we had learned and performed one of his poems in Year 6. He was very impressed and was keen to visit our school. I will have to look into this. 
I was and still am completely starstruck! 

Operation Evacuation Exploration Outdoor Day - 12th October

For our evacuee themed day, we carried out all of our learning outdoors. 

To begin the day, the children were given a label and were required to choose a name, age and location. The children were identified by this name for the rest of the day. 

In Maths, we looked at factors, multiples and division. We completed a practical lesson on the field. We thought about how the evacuees may have been split at train stations and thought about how many children would have been grouped together. 

During our History, English and Art sessions, we discussed what items children would have taken with them and packed in their suitcases. Our discussion turned into a bit of an impromptu debate as the children disagreed over which items were necessary. The children were surprised to see the size of the case that the evacuees would have used and engaged well in the discussion, giving reasons both for and against packing each item.
We sketched items into our own suitcases and thought carefully about what we would have packed. An interesting conversation was had regarding the contrast in the items which we would choose to take if we were to be evacuated in this day and age. 

In our PE lesson, we played a range of war games, including: Red Rover, skipping and football. We had heaps of fun working in our teams. 


Before our evacuee experience came to a close, we topped off the day with a warm hot chocolate and reflected on our experiences together. 

Autumn 1 Week 5 


Another exciting and jam-packed week for 6EB. 

The children kick-started Black History Month with an African Dance Workshop. The instructor was impressed with the group’s rhythm and listening skills. We picked up lots of brilliant traditional moves. Miss Broadbent and Mrs Laity were blown away by the final performance. 
A huge well done Year 6! 


Still image for this video

On Thursday, we enjoyed a role play lesson. We explored the experiences of evacuees during World War 2. Before we began the lesson, we watched a video on the BBC website and in the video, evacuation was described as a positive experience. We shared our thoughts on the video and discussed how not all evacuees had positive experiences. For our outdoor learning, each child was given a real-life account of an evacuee’s experience. The children got into role as an evacuee. For the main task, the children had the numbers 1-30 on a grid. They had to find all 30 evacuees and record whether each experience was positive or negative. This task encouraged the children to think deeper as they were required to record any information that they felt the BBC should add to their video in order to make the cartoon a truer reflection of life at the time.


The acting skills were brilliant - you must watch us in action below! 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Stringcredibles joined us on Friday for a high-energy performance. We had an absolutely marvellous time in the hall, learning about string quartets, different instruments and range of musical elements. We learned all about: teamwork, harmony, baselines, rhythm, tempo and dynamics. 

We are delighted to hear that they will be visiting us again after half-term to work with just Year 6 on a World War 2 music workshop!

National Poetry Day - 7th October 2021

Still image for this video
We celebrated National Poetry Day by learning and performing a well-known, entertaining poem - Hamster Hamster by Joseph Coelho. Enjoy! 🐹

Autumn 1 Week 4


We have had a busy week in Year 6. On Thursday, we spent time meeting our Faith Friends in Year 3. The Year 3 children had made cards for the Year 6’s and the Year 6 children wrote letters introducing themselves. All children really enjoyed getting to know one another and found the experience really exciting. We look forward to working closely with Year 3, in order to support them on their faith journey and with their Communion preparation!  

To celebrate Little Way Week and the Feast Day of Saint Therese of Lisieux (1st October), we  discussed how we can live our lives like Saint Therese and build little acts of kindness into our week. The children shared lots of ideas of how they will build their own spiritual bouquet for God. We also wrote beautiful and meaningful prayers to decorate our classroom altars. 

Autumn 1 Week 3


This Week 6EB have fully immersed themselves into their History topic of World War 2. During our History, English and Computing lessons, we have been conducting or own research in groups. We have focused on a range of aspects of World War 2 life, including: Food and rations, entertainment, axis and allies - countries involved, evacuation, the Blitz and bombings, and important dates. 

The children worked in small groups and used our class laptops and computers to research their chosen aspect. They then mind-mapped their findings. Using their mind-maps, they presented to the class during a speaking and listening lesson. The other children made notes as they listened. The class worked together to ensure that each group had a clear understanding of each aspect. During our English lesson, the children published a double-page spread to present their findings. 

We even created our own propaganda in our Art lesson. 

Autumn 1 Week 2

We have all made a brilliant start to Year. We have discussed this week the importance of little acts of kindness, inclusion and supporting one another. We were lucky to be involved in the Bully4You Assembly and Workshop. This formed the basis of our learning in PSHE. A theatre group came into our school and acted out real-life scenarios. We were provided with a range of strategies and steps to use if we thought that somebody was being bullied. 


During our class workshop, we looked at managing our emotions and discussed the following: 

What is bullying?

What causes people to bully each other? 
How does it feel to be bullied or to bully? 
What are the effects of bullying on others? 
What would our school be like if bullying behaviour was acceptable? 
Why should we try not to bully each other? 
What can we do to stop bullying?


Our children reinforced to the visitors that they knew that they had their safeguarding hands to use and that those 5 adults in school are always on hand if they needed to talk. 

Teacher Bio 


Welcome to Class 6EB


Dear Year 6 children and parents,


My name is Miss Broadbent and this is my third year at St Edward’s. I lead English across the school. I am very passionate about English, as I believe that understanding the language provides children with access to the whole curriculum. Fluency in the English language is an essential foundation for success in all subjects. The subject plays an essential role in our lives as it helps in communication. English broadens the children's minds and develops emotional skills. Another subject that I enjoy and love teaching is Geography. I studied Geography for three years at the University of Manchester before I trained to be a teacher at Newman University.


Growing up, my main hobby was Irish dancing. I danced for fourteen years and enjoyed competing at world level. My greatest achievement was finishing 25th at the World Championships in Glasgow back in 2007, with a second and a ninth placement from two of the judges. I competed all over the world and even qualified to dance at the World Championships in Philadelphia! I try to keep active now by going on long walks with my dog, Ted. I have included an image of Ted smiling at the camera for you all.


At the weekend, I enjoy going to watch live sporting events such as football, tennis and cricket. I also enjoy travelling, art and cooking. During the school holidays, I like to experiment in the kitchen, trying out new recipes for my family and friends to enjoy. I have recently started to plan my wedding and I am really excited for what the future holds.


I have really enjoyed getting to know the children in Year 5 and I look forward to continuing our journey together in Year 6. Year 6 is such a special year and I feel blessed to be teaching such a wonderful group of children in their last year here at St Edward’s. It is such an honour and a pleasure to work with such fantastic staff, children and parents. If you need anything at all, I am always here to listen and help where I can. I have attached a photo of myself just in case you are unsure of what I look like.


We have many ways to communicate here at school, but currently the most efficient way would be to email the email address which I will be checking daily and will try to respond to you as quickly as I can.


Homework will be set on a Friday on SATs Companion and on the Homework tab on the BGFL platform. It will be collected in and checked the following Friday. New spellings will be set on a Monday and spelling tests will take place each Monday.  


Our current PE days are Monday and Tuesday, and the children can come into school in PE kit for the day, we will notify you if this changes as we do have external providers associated with school to enhance our provision; and they are only available on certain days. Please remember no earrings should be worn for health and safety reasons and a white round neck t-shirt with the school badge and plain blue or black shorts/ tracksuit bottoms should be worn.

The children have settled in extremely well on their transition days considering the circumstances and time they have had off. From the very first day they have come in with big smiles, full of stories and with excellent attitudes towards their work. 6EB are so eager to please and have already earned marbles in the class marble jar and lots of table team points!


The first two books we will be studying are ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ and ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’. I love stories and at times get carried away when reading them, but the children's enthusiasm fuels this even more. I am really looking forward to the wonderful things we can share together and the experiences that we will have in Year 6. We have so much to look forward to, including: Confirmation, trips, SATs and of course the highly anticipated end of year play.


Take care everybody,

Miss Broadbent

Welcome to Year 6 2021/22


The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling



We had the most wonderful day learning outside as a class. We enjoyed the fresh air, completing challenging tasks and working as a team. Our main task was based on our World War Two topic. We had to build a shelter that we thought could be helpful if we needed to protect ourselves during a war.   We needed to use our skills of communication, overcome not having the exact materials we wanted, be resilient and evaluate our structures. We had the best time! 

Curriculum Overview 2020-2021

We are very proud of Year Six for their wonderful assembly on Remembrance Day. Everyone contributed and the hall was displayed with work from last term including poetry, artwork and reports written in class. Well done for all your hard work, Year Six!

Remembrance Day Assembly

Look what we're reading in Year 6!
World War Two Artwork