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Welcome to Year 5 2022/23

Weekly Important Dates:


Monday and Tuesday

Please send children into school, in P.E kits



Homework will be set on a Friday and will be found on our class page

Homework is to be returned the following week by Thursday, which will be marked by the student as the class teacher goes through questions with the class, explaining any tricky questions and misconceptions. 

Please return reading books on a Thursday, so they can be changed. 


Dates for your diary:

Autumn 1 Computing Day (Digital Literacy) - Thursday 20th October




Over the half term, we would like the children to research a significant person, as part of our celebration of Black History Month.

Ideas of inspirational people include Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Beyonce, Marcus Rashford, Lewis Hamilton, Olive Morris, Walter Tull - The list could go on and on. We would like the children to choose someone who is of interest to them!


We would like the fact files to be completed, by Monday 31st October, so we can display them in our classroom.

Lewis Hamilton by Ryan


Week beginning Monday 10th October, is Maths Week at St. Edwards. Year 5 will be studying Pythagoras, as part of our topic, Ancient Greece. 

We would like 5PW, to research Pythagoras for their homework and create a fact file / poster / leaflet to share what they have found out.

What have we been up to?  

Autumn 1, Week 7- Recycling and Upcycling

What a busy end to our (very busy) half term! Phil Hunton visited our class this week to give a Recycling and Upcycling workshop. His message of living sustainably and caring for the environment, really struck a chord with the class and it was wonderful to hear their plans for looking after our environment. Take a look at the pictures showing the notebooks we made from recycled materials. 

In Science this week, we looked at different types of chemical reactions. We noted that some reactions, such as ice melting, are reversible. A reversible reaction is a change of state. Others, such as toast burning or baking a cake, are irreversible and involve a chemical change. Mr Worthington demonstrated an irreversible reaction by adding bicarbonate of soda to vinegar and showing how a gas is produced by inflating a rubber glove. 

Our English work this week has focused on Show not Tell sentences. This technique allows the reader to experience the story through actions, words, thoughts and feelings rather than through the author’s description.

Recycling and Upcycling

Autumn 1, Week 6- Maths Week


This week we have been celebrating Maths Week. We have been focusing on a renowned and inspirational mathematician - Pythagorus. Pythagorus is best known for his work on right angled triangles and the famous theorem named after him. He started a group of mathematicians, called the Pythagoreans, who worshiped numbers and lived like monks. He had an influence on Plato. I have been amazed by the amount of detail in the projects brought in by the children.


On Thursday, we supported our Reception buddies with their school blessing. It was wonderful to be a part of their special moment and we were blown away by their beautiful artwork, fantastic singing and confident reading of the bidding prayers. It was also the Feast Day of Saint Edward the Confessor which gave us another opportunity to work with our buddies by making crowns with them and teaching them some facts about Saint Edward’s life. 


St Edward’s Feast with Buddies

Autumn 1, Week 5- Making New Buddies

Our Reception Buddies

Autumn 1, Week 4- Little Way Week


The children have learnt about St Therese of Liseux as we celebrated 'Little Way Week'.


Little Way Week is inspired by St Thérèse of Lisieux, patron of mission. As a child St Thérèse dreamed of being a missionary. With age she understood that very few of us are called to make big and radical gestures, but that through small, loving actions we too can deliver God’s love to the world.

Science Dissolving

Autumn 1, Week 3- Outdoor Learning

We had our first Outdoor Day on Tuesday and spent the day exploring our school grounds using our orienteering course. We used our map reading skills to find the markers dotted around the school grounds and work out the answers to a set of clues given to us. 

On Wednesday, Miss Avery led a whole school ‘wake up, shake up’ on the playground, to celebrate National Fitness Day. We were certainly left feeling invigorated and refreshed!


In Mathematics this week, we have been revising some key Place Value concepts such as rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and identifying the value of each digit in a 4 digit number. In English, we have been looking at ways to improve our writing by using different sentence starters and developing our proof reading skills. 

Outdoor Learning

National Fitness Day

Autumn 1, Week 2- Art Week ‘Good to be Me’

What a busy week we have had! On Monday, we were taught how to play Quidditch and learnt the role of the ‘beater’, ‘seeker’, ‘chaser’ and ‘keeper.’ We are looking forward to playing Quidditch next week during our Outdoor Day. 

On Tuesday, Mrs McGowern led an assembly to launch the new Modern Foreign Language we will be learning in school - Italian. This will be an exciting opportunity to learn about Italian culture.


This week has been Art Week on the theme of ‘Good to be Me.’ Our class artist is Maria Rojas, an artist who uses printing techniques to create pieces of art. 5PW have had so much fun working on their Art skills, whilst focusing on the following questions;

-Which print making technique gives the most detailed image?

-How can I show 'me' in a self portrait?

Art Week

Thursday 15th September


Year 5 enjoyed a PSHE and Safeguarding theatre performance, provided by Loudmouth Theatre Company, followed by a workshop. 

During the session, children reflected upon ways of how they can keep themselves safe, in both real life situations and online. 


The session enabled children to:

  • Understand that their body belongs to them
  • Encourage children to tell a trusted adult if something is worrying them
  • Reflect upon the trusted adults that they have in their life (safeguarding paws)
  • Discuss a variety of situations, explore the dangers and think about who they could confide in

Loudmouth Theatre