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Welcome to Year 5 2022/23

Work for school closure: Friday 10th March


Please continue to practice your line(s) for our year group assembly on Tuesday 14th March and the lyrics to the songs below;

Learn the lyrics to the songs (off by heart!)

Outward Bound - Participation Form

Thank you for your attendance at the Outward Bound meeting last Thursday, in school.  Below is the Participation Form link which must be filled out in order for the children to attend. 

Weekly Important Dates:


Thursdays (Outdoor)

Please send children into school, in P.E kits



Homework will be set on a Friday.

Reading comprehension and spellings, will be paper based and in children's bags. 

Mirodo homework tasks (online) are also set on a Friday.


Homework is to be returned the following week by Thursday, which will be marked by the student as the class teacher goes through questions with the class, explaining any tricky questions and misconceptions. 


Year 5 will change their reading books on a Tuesday, so please ensure children bring them back in to be changed. 


Dates for your diary:

What have we been up to?  

Spring 2 - Week 5
On Tuesday, children made wind chimes for out outdoor area. The chimes were made from recycled materials, that were going to be thrown out (bells from Miss M's sons toddler group). We chose the outdoor area by the Prayer garden, because the children enjoy spending time there: learning, reflecting and praying.


Spring 2 - Week 4

This week, the children had an assembly to remind them about the importance of speaking out and staying safe. The children in 5MT reflected on this afterwards and practised NSPCC's number using actions: 08001111. 5MT understand the importance of speaking out to stay happy and safe.

Spring 2 - Week 3
...And that's a wrap!
An outstanding performance from every child in our Year 5 assembly this week - we are so proud of them. Clear reading, brilliant singing, fantastic dancing and some budding actors! A huge thank you to all parents/carers who came to watch and for your support over the last couple of weeks. heartheart

Spring 2 - Week 2
On Tuesday, the class created timelines of Brian Travers' life to remember the amazing life he lived. The timelines share highlights during his career in UB40. These will be sent to the band to show we remember Brian and celebrate his outstanding career. Some children even wrote prayers for his family - such a loving class. Please see the timelines below - the children took such pride in them.

Science - Evaluating Scientific Ideas

Spring 2 - Week 1
UB40 visit St Edwards!

On 27th February we were privileged to welcome UB40 to St Edward's as they listened and watched our assembly dedicated to their music. We had great fun and thoroughly enjoyed listening to them and also how they appreciated the efforts that were put into the learning of the songs and lyrics, in addition to the research we undertook of the band. A huge shout out to our very own Angel and Miss McDonald.. who made it on TV!

Spring 1 ~ Week 7

In English this week, we have been studying a variety of poems. Today, children practised and performed ‘Lady Winter’s Rap’ focusing on voice, body language and performer confidence. They performed them in front of the class. We have some budding West End performers!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Computing Day - Infographics

We have been focusing on friendship in our PSHE. We’ve been thinking about what makes a good friend and the kind of friend that we are.

Spring 1 - Week 6
Outdoor day... what a triumph! The whole day was based on the theme of SPACE. The children started the day creating their own invasion games: some children based their games on the first moon landing and some children were running around the field like planets! Then, the children were set the task of creating an agility obstacle course in our forest school area. They had to think about the qualities an astronaut needed and based their obstacle course upon this. Children had the opportunity to test each others - Miss McDonald even had a go! After lunch, the children used their orienteering skills around the school to find greek words for our planets. A fabulous day!

To end mental health week, year 5 had their pyjama day. We rounded off the day by enjoying a hot chocolate and time outdoors for golden time. 

Spring 1, Week 5

5MT have started to prepare for World Sick Day, which is on the 11th February.


5MT have had a fabulous week swimming! The children behaved wonderfully, both on the coach and whilst at the swimming pool. We had loads of fun and saw great improvement in all of our children and their swimming abilities.

Q&A with an Astronaut

Spring 1, Week 4


5MT are the 'Dog Mentor' Class of the week.

We are really proud of you 5MT, keep up the hard work!

Mrs Taylor and Miss McDonald

Music - Programming and Looping

In Music this week, we explored how sounds can be looped and put together to make a piece of music.

Can you guess the song we created using the iPads? Next, we need to learn the dance!

Music Looping

Still image for this video

Spring 1, Week 3

In year 5, we have been studying Peter Thorpe and his amazing artwork. 

We have used scraffito technique, to create our new door display, focused upon our new book 'Cosmic'.

Spring 1, Week 3 - ThinkTank 

What a busy week we’ve had! On Monday, we were joined by Mr Hunton who led an Eco workshop on the dangers of plastics to the environment. We discussed the importance of recycling and trying to reduce the number of single use plastics we use each day. 5MT are eager to try and be more ‘Eco Friendly’ members of society.  Using recycled materials, we each made a fish to represent the damage being done to our oceans by plastic waste. 

On Tuesday, we visited the ThinkTank in Birmingham. We visited the Planetarium and were able to see the night sky up close (without having to leave the comfort of our seats!). We learnt more about the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and the resulting seasons and how the Earth’s rotation on its axis results in night and day. After the planetarium show, we had time to explore the rest of the museum. We visited the Futures Gallery, Wild Life and Marines World, Things About Me, We Made It and Move It!


Our English and History lessons this week continued with work on Mary Jackson, Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughan. We drafted, edited and published a letter to King Charles III, asking him to consider giving Katherine Johnson a posthumous recognition for her valuable work to Science.

Spring 1, Week 1 - Happy New Year

It has been wonderful to welcome everyone back after the Christmas break. We have been so proud of how the children have settled back in to their school work and how hard they have been working. 

This week, we started work on our new topic ‘To Infinity and Beyond’. Our guided reading session focused on the invention of the telescope and its impact on the study of astronomy. We studied the work of Peter Thorpe in our art lessons and evaluated some of his famous space themed art work. 

Autumn 2 Computing Day - Computers for communication and collaboration. 


We have been;

Thinking about how we can communicate with others through technology

Discussing how computers have changed (Year 5 were very amused with Mrs Taylor/Mr Worthington's stories of what computers/the internet was like when they were in school!

Sending emails 

Reading and writing morse code messages


Autumn 1, Week 2- Outdoor Learning

We had our first Outdoor Day on Tuesday and spent the day exploring our school grounds using our orienteering course. We used our map reading skills to find the markers dotted around the school grounds and work out the answers to a set of clues given to us. 

On Wednesday, Miss Avery led a whole school ‘wake up, shake up’ on the playground, to celebrate National Fitness Day. We were certainly left feeling invigorated and refreshed!


In Mathematics this week, we have been revising some key Place Value concepts such as rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 and identifying the value of each digit in a 4 digit number. In English, we have been looking at ways to improve our writing by using different sentence starters and developing our proof reading skills. 

Outdoor Learning

Week beginning 19th September 

On Tuesday, we had our first 'Outdoor Day' of Year 5.

The children of 5MT could not wait to tell Mrs Taylor, all of the things they did during their day of outdoor learning.

Here are some of the things 5MT loved:

  • Spending the whole day outdoors in the fresh air

  • Some time for free play at the end of the day, to explore

  • Building things in forest school (there were some imaginative creations)

  • Climbing the trees

  • Playing together

  • Rolling the tyres down the hill

  • Spending time with 5PW

Some suggestions for our next outdoor day:

Hot chocolate
Den building competition
Roasting marshmallows
More time in our forest school
•To have Mrs Taylor and Miss McDonald attend Outdoor Day
Teacher VS Student game/competition

Week Beginning 12th September

5MT, have had so much fun, working on their ART skills, whilst focusing on the following questions;

Which print making technique gives the most detailed image?

How can I show 'me' in a self portrait?


Year 5 enjoyed a PSHE and Safeguarding theatre performance, provided by Loudmouth Theatre Company, followed by a workshop. 

During the session, children reflected upon ways of how they can keep themselves safe, in both real life situations and online. 


The session enabled children to:

  • Understand that their body belongs to them
  • Encourage children to tell a trusted adult if something is worrying them
  • Reflect upon the trusted adults that they have in their life (safeguarding paws)
  • Discuss a variety of situations, explore the dangers and think about who they could confide in

Loudmouth Theatre