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Welcome back!


I hope that you have had a good half term holiday. Please find the homework for this coming week set above, we are celebrating the Queen's Jubliee this week in school and we wanted to share this spirit at home too.

If your child chooses to do so, the 60 second read activity is also a set of instructions to make their own Jubilee Crown! If your child makes this craft, they are welcome to bring this in to show me or you could even email us a photograph at


Happy first week back from myself and the Year 4 team :)

Miss Dutton 


(If you require paper copies of the homework for Summer term 2, please email me at the address above to request a paper copy - additionally, homework can be completed onto plain or lined paper at home if you wish to save printing)

Homework - WB 23rd May

During the half term holiday, we are asking you to create a project for the Commonwealth celebrations.


Our class country is... (Drum roll please)!



We would like you to create a personal project that is inspired by our class country. You might decide to sculpt, paint, draw, research, cook, design etc...

This is down to you.


Please return your projects to your class teacher on the Monday of the first week back of Summer term 2. We are so excited to see what you have got up to... Maybe even have a taste of it if you are feeling generous!


Happy Researching...

Homework - WB 25th April



The author of the Month of May is E. B. White. Your taskis to research E. B. White and create a project to present to the rest of the class. This could be a fact file, powerpoint or an art project for example!


Have fun.

Welcome To Year 4 2021/22


Dear Year 4 children and parents,


My name is Miss Dutton and I am starting my first year at St Edward's this academic year. In Year 4, I work alongside with Miss Avery, Mrs Smith and Miss Atkins - some of the staff that 4AD have met before and worked with previously. When I was training to be a teacher, I chose Mathematics as my subject specialism however, I also really enjoy Foreign Language and I wish I could become fluent in French - although, I have taken an interest in German over the summer holidays which will be very useful to this years Foreign Language lessons.  


So far, I have met my class and we are starting to get to know each other really well. Despite having no transition days before the holidays due to self-isolation, they have come into Year 4 with smiles on their faces and a readiness to learning new and interesting topics. For instance, our first topic 'Water, Water Everywhere' has proven to be very popular! So far the children have enjoyed learning about the Isles of Scilly through the book 'Why the Whales Came' and they have started their new topic for Science where we will cover the Water Cycle, most of the class have already shown interest in this too. If you would like to see more of our Autumn term curriculum, you will find it below this post.


Our P.E. days are currently on Monday and Tuesdays and just like last year, children can come to school in their PE kit for the whole day. Please remember that no earrings should be worn during lessons and a white round neck t-shirt with the school badge and plain blue or black shorts/ tracksuit bottoms should be worn.


We have many ways to communicate here at school, but currently the most efficient way would be to email the email address which I will be checking daily and will try to respond to you as quickly as I can.


I am really looking forward to the year ahead and cannot wait to teach 4AD throughout their time in Year 4, we have been learning a lot about each other this week and this can only be the start of something great to come. Please don't hesitate to contact me if there are any issues, I am here to help.


Best wishes,

Miss Dutton.





Beowulf by Michael Mupurgo

Adventure Stories

Diary writing

Setting descriptions

Non chronological report writing


Why the Wales Came

Non fiction writing about the weather

Historical Myths

Recount writing

Writing to argue.

Haiku poetry


Number and Place Value

Number and Place value



Story of Abraham to Joseph


Class Saint- St Joseph

Teach us how to pray




Asking questions and plan enquiries

Investigate pitch

Interpret and report about string telephones



Interpret and report about conductors


East Anglia (A region of the UK)

East Anglia (A region of the UK)


Britain Settlements by the Anglo Saxons and the Scots

Black History Month

Britain Settlements by the Anglo Saxons and the Scots



Caring for our school


Team building

Picture News editions fortnightly


What makes a good friend?

 How do good friends act?

Do good friends fall out?

Getting on and falling out

Anti Bullying week: say no to bullying and cyber bullying

Picture News editions fortnightly


Black Musicians of Importance



D & T

Structures – Designing and Making Musical instruments

Electrical Systems: Designing and creating electrical games


Creating Anglo Saxon Shields

Romero Brittan

Drawing landscapes


All About Me


We are Programmers



Week beginning

20th September 2021

We all took part in praying a decade of the Rosary for the centenary anniversary of the Legion of Mary.




8th October 2021


Stringcredibles visit KS2!

We all had a chance to listen to the Stringcredible apprentices who performed their show called 'String Power!'. 



21st October 2021


On our final day of Autumn term 1, Year 4 visited the Waseley Hills. We completed a trek around the hills, led by Pam and Des and took part in small group activities to collect and compare data to build evidence for or against building a wind farm at the Waseley Hills.


After we collected all of our data, we split into two groups - one group represented Friends of Waseley and the other group represented Wazenergy. The aim of these groups were to build arguments for or against building a wind farm at the Waseley Hills and we came together in front of the committee (our parent helpers) to debate this.



Week beginning

1st November 2021




In 4AD, we completed some unplugged activities where we coded our names in binary! We also practised our coding skills with Scratch3 and playing games on our interactive whiteboard that use coding systems similar to Scratch, setting out simple instructions.



Outdoor day - 4th November 2021.

Christmas Jumper Day


On Friday 10th December, we raised money by wearing our Christmas jumpers in school. We also have been practising for our upcoming school Nativity.



Back to school... And a walk to Bournville!


Welcome back to all children! Myself and Miss Avery hope that you have had a holy, happy Christmas break.


4AD and 4AA have been rather active this week. On Wednesday, we took a long walk up to the Bournville village to explore the local area as part of our History local area study. We visited popular sites such as Bournville park, Bournville station, Cadbury factory, the Bournville carillon bell and the village green.


Mr. Duffy became one of our trusty tour guides! It is so great to share the passion for the local area with children and their parents too.


Thank you to all of our parent helpers for supporting us on this trip.





The Pied Piper of St Edward's - Junk modelling instruments!

Outdoor day - Spring 1.

Children's Mental Health Week 2022


Mrs. McGowan and the school council hosted a whole school Pyjama day to raise money for Forward Thinking Birmingham during Children's Mental Health week.


Here are some pictures from participants in Year 4.



World Book Day 2022


This year, we celebrated World Book Day on our first week back to school. We planned for a week of activities centred around our book of focus.... This book is....




This week, the children have been exploring the photographs found on the Flotsam underwater camera and drawing inferences about the lives of the different people who have used the camera. We played a game of Guess Who using boxes of artefacts... Can you guess who these boxes might have belonged to?





On Thursday, the children dressed up as their favourite book characters!

Miss Dutton was over the moon to find out she had an outfit twin.


Our Class Saint