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Performance Poetry

Some of us were more confident that others, but we all had great fun performing “What Can We Do With A Football.”

Group 1

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Group 2

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Group 3

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Group 4

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Bikeability in Year 3

We’ve had an amazing time so far this week learning to ride our bikes. For some of us it was the first time either on a bike or without our stabilisers…but look at us go! Many of us have achieved our Level 1 certificate and badge already. We have SO many photographs ready to upload, but we’re trying to choose our favourites. We will upload them very soon, so look out!

None of us could ride a bike this morning…look at us now!😍

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None of us could ride a bike this morning…look at us now!😍

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None of us could ride a bike this morning…look at us now!😍

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None of us could ride a bike this morning…look at us now!😍

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None of us could ride a bike this morning…look at us now!😍

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None of us could ride a bike this morning…look at us now!😍

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None of us could ride a bike this morning…look at us now!😍

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None of us could ride a bike this morning…look at us now!😍

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None of us could ride a bike this morning...look at us now😍

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None of us could ride a bike this morning…look at us now!😍

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None of us could ride a bike this morning…look at us now!😍

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None of us could ride a bike this morning…look at us now!😍

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Bikeability in Year 3

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None of us could ride a bike this morning…look at us now!😍

Rounders skills in 3B are progressing well

Science Lessons on reflecting light

Art Week drawings of Willie Wonka and the BFG in the style of Quentin Blake

Sacramental Dates Confirmed:


First Holy Communion:

3EB - Sunday 16th May at 1pm

3CC - Sunday 23rd May at 1 pm

Year 3 Reconciliation and First Holy Communion - Initial Sacramental Preparation Loom Video (December 2020) 

A Loom recording of our initial sacramental meeting can be accessed through the link below. Click on the link and then you will need to scroll half way down the page to find the Loom recording.

January 2021 Home Learning Information and Resources

Use the link below to take you to our year group page that contains information about home learning and some of the resources that are provided each week. Please login into Bgfl 365 to access all of the resources, pre-recorded Loom lessons and for information regarding our daily Zoom meetings.


If you have any further questions please contact your child's teacher/year group teacher on the following email address -



Homework will be uploaded to Mirodo every Friday for the children to complete. Please could they also complete daily practice on Times Table Rock Stars and their LSCWC.


If you have any issues with online work, please contact Mrs Bettam on and an alternative can be arranged.

Advent Craft Morning

3EB Outdoor Day

We will be having our Outdoor Day on Tuesday 3rd November. Please could all children have warm clothing, with waterproof shoes and coats as we will be outside all day even if it is raining. An extra set of warm clothes would be very beneficial, along with a change of shoes to wear when we go indoors for dinner/toilet breaks.


Our main focus is to be The Stone Age and linked to our Rivers topic. Following on from discussions with the children, we will be making Stone Age Dens, creating our own river course by digging into the ground, hunting for rocks and classifying them, and creating our own Stone Age implements to help with our building of dens. 


We will post all our photographs of the day on our class page as soon as possible.

Welcome To Class 3EB


Staff in Year 3 would like to introduce you to how the school day is working and what you can do to help your child at home, especially as we haven’t been able to have the usual meetings at the start of the year. Thank you to everyone who has watched our video last term and has kept the blue book bags and small lunch box bags, it is much appreciated as it makes class routines such as giving out letters, collecting books and freeing up space, much easier.

Everyday, there is the same routine to allow all children to come to school in their staggered times, wash and sanitise their hands, then settle to work.

Morning sessions are rotated and consist of:-

Maths Fluency, where we revise Number Bonds, Times Tables and filling of any gaps from last year due to the prolonged time at home.

SPaG – Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar sessions where we are focusing upon sentence structures, spellings from Year 2 and Year 3, and developing the correct use of punctuation such as commas, exclamation marks and question marks.

Handwriting – focus being on letters y,g,q, and f being written below the line and letters h,b,d,k,l showing a clear height distance to other letters, almost touching the top line. We aim for all children to have a neat, legible and cursive style of writing.

Reading Sessions – during these sessions we will sometimes do Guided Reading as a class, listen to our class reader or individually read to members of staff.


Please could all reading books be brought into school on Mondays and Thursdays so that they can be changed? All books are put into quarantine for 72 hours so we would really appreciate your help by making sure the children return them on the correct day. Reading Diaries are unable to be carried back and forth to school so an online system has been created using BGFL 365. ( A separate email has been written to explain how to use the diaries.)


We then have other curriculum subjects throughout the day, with opportunities for learning outside incorporated where possible. Topics for the Autumn Term are shown below, should you wish to assist your child further.


Every Wednesday we endeavour to have our PE lessons, although this can be weather permitting due to current guidelines, but if children could also have waterproof coats on Wednesdays (possibly wellies that can be left in school) we will ensure they have some form of activity outside even if raining. PE kits are blue shorts or tracksuit bottoms, white PE shirts with the school logo on and a blue jumper for the colder days (school jumpers may be worn). Please could we check that earrings aren’t worn on Wednesdays as they can pose a safety risk during physical lessons.


All children have returned to school eager and ready to learn. They have been amazing at following hygiene and distancing guidelines and are already getting used to life in the Juniors. Should you wish to contact your child’s teacher, please contact them at

Thank you for your continued support of St. Edward’s and the vision we have for your children.

Mrs Bettam and Mrs Carr



I Am Henry Finch

The Tunnel

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon

Rivers (Non-Fiction)

Black History poems

Prefixes, suffixes, homophones, own spelling lists, -ei sound

Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura

The Boy with the Bronze Axe

The Iron Man by Ted Hughes

Prehistoric Britain (Non-Fiction)

Stone Age & Bronze Age (Non-Fiction)

Poetry -

Prefix –mis and –re,In Flanders Field (Remembrance)

the I sound using y, proofreading


Revision of Y2 Maths – Number Bonds, Times Tables, Shape, Fractions, Time

Number – Place Value

Addition/ subtraction

Number –

addition/ subtraction

multiplication and division


Belonging- We Gather As God’s Family




Rocks & Soils

William Smith (Fossils)

Interpret and Report- Rock Reports

Forces & Magnets

Set up enquiry- shoe grip/ strongest magnet


Geographical skills and fieldwork/ Human and physical geography – Local River Study

Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age


Significant Events and People -  Black History Month



Caring for our school

Learning From Mistakes

Why Should I Forgive?

Picture News editions fortnightly


What makes a good friend?

 How do good friends act?

Do good friends fall out?

Anti Bullying week

Picture News editions fortnightly


Black Musicians of Importance, Charanga - Me

Compose music for the battle scene

D & T

Journey of a River 3D Model

Structures- Celtic Roundhouses

3D Wardrobe

Turkish Delight


Paul Klee – Portrait Work

Great To Be Me


River Scene

Cave Paintings


All About Me


We are Programmers


Meet Your Teacher - Mrs Bettam


Dear Year 3 children and parents,

As we were unable to meet like we would usually before you joined us in Year 3 and as some of the usual events we would normally have may not be able to go ahead; I thought I would write you a letter, so you can get to know me a little bit better.


My name is Mrs Bettam and I have been teaching at St. Edward’s since 1996. I have taught all year groups apart from Reception and have thoroughly enjoyed them all for different reasons. I am really pleased to be back in Year 3 as I particularly enjoy teaching the children about the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion. I am currently the Year 3/Year 4 Phase Leader, but also have responsibility for Medical Needs within school and Music. I have played violin, guitar and recorder since I was 7 years old and love the joy music and singing bring to everyone. Hopefully we will all be able to return to choir and to begin singing as a school again. St. Edward’s School means such a lot to me and as a result, I chose to send both of my children to the school as I knew they would thrive in the wonderful caring atmosphere.

 I am originally from Durham and moved to Birmingham to start University where I gained a Bachelor of Education with Honours in Sports Science. When I was younger I was extremely sporty, doing ballet and tap from the age of 2 to 16, I also swam for Durham County and was also a County level Gymnast for Durham, competing throughout Europe. This then led onto me coaching and judging gymnastics once I’d retired from the sport at 18. During lockdown I was determined to improve my fitness again and took up cycling to work again, something I haven’t done since my daughter was born 19 years ago. During September, I pushed myself further to take part in a 100 mile cycle challenge for Alzheimer’s Research, which I have thankfully completed. It has been wonderful doing an activity which both of my children can join me in and we have loved exploring the countryside around us on our bike rides.

If I had to describe myself in 3 words I would say I was happy, kind but also quite firm: I want the best for all children and for them to develop the love of learning that we have here in school.

I am really looking forward to the year ahead getting to know you and your child, if you need anything I am always here to listen and help where I can. There are many adults who may be working with your child at some point but incase any of you are unsure of what I look like I thought I would attach my photo.



We have many ways to communicate here at school, but currently the most efficient way would be to email the email address which I am now checking daily and will try to respond to you as quickly as I can.


Mrs Bettam

For up to date Year 3 (2020-2021) information please click the link below.