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Outdoor Learning Day

We all had an amazing day today, despite the horrendous weather! It was so lovely to see the children having great fun running and splashing in the rain, but also thinking about habitats animals might live in. This was linked to our Science topic of materials and we tested different materials as to how waterproof they were. We also went on a 5 senses Treasure Hunt, looking and feeling for different properties such as smooth, rough, hard, soft, flexible and whether or not they would be appropriate building materials. This afternoon, we searched for signs of animals within our school grounds and we were thrilled to see the den hidden deep in the trees. 

We rounded off our day by creating prayer spinners, thanking God for all the wonderful things He has created for us, especially the rain to help the plants and flowers grow. We are looking forward to our next outdoor adventure. 

Warwick Castle

As part of our upcoming theme of 'Once Upon A Time' we have planned a visit to Warwick Castle on the 2nd April. Please look on our Trip page of the website for the consent form and return it to school as soon as possible. Thank you.

Outdoor Learning Day Year 2

We had an amazing day last week on our Outdoor Day. Even though it was a cold, frosty start to the day, we all dashed outside in our warm clothes to do some rubbings. We got some amazing patterns off the trees, rocks, ground, walls and manhole covers.  

After break, we had a Money Treasure Hunt. Our teachers called out an amount and we had to go looking for the correct coins to add together. It was made more difficult because we weren't allowed to have more coins than necessary and we were working in large teams...we had to show good team work!

We spent dinnertime inside to warm up and finished watching George's Marvellous Medicine. 

In the afternoon, we did a senses walk through the forest area and wrote our ideas onto whiteboards as to what we could see, hear and smell. (We didn't taste things for obvious reasons)We then used these ideas to write prayers about nature for our end of the day prayer circle. 

We all agreed that we can't wait for our next Outdoor Day, especially as we didn't get to make our Mudpies as the ground was too hard.

Spring Term 2019

We've had a wonderful start back to life in Class 2C this term and are ready to learn! We have focused our work around The Day The Crayons Quit and The Day The Crayons Came Back by Drew Daywalt. Duncan (the little boy in the stories) struggles with the crayons in his box as they all want to explore the world and are cross with him. The children have written postcards and stories as if they were a disgruntled crayon, describing the adventures they go on around the world. This has also helped us with our Geography skills as one of the crayons thought that Newcastle had pyramids! We had to prove him wrong! 

In Maths, we have continued to develop our addition and subtraction skills, and have recently moved onto money. Please help us to improve our knowledge of coins by letting us help with the shopping, paying for items and trying to work out how much change we should get. 

In Religious Education we have been learning about the difficult journeys Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and the kings had to see the new born king. God tested them all in their own way, but their faith and devotion shone through and we have been able to see how our own journeys in life my have obstacles to overcome, but it is worth the hard work. 

Our Gymnastic skills have progressed really well and we have enjoyed creating sequences of movements, both individually and in pairs. We look like true gymnasts now and are able to provide ideas as to how we can improve our own work and that of our friends

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George's Marvellous Medicine

This term we are studying George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. It will allow us to focus on developing our sentence construction by including expanded noun phrases, greater use of punctuation such as commas for lists, exclamation marks and question marks and also writing in role as a character. Our art work and homework projects are reflecting the wonderful colours that can be used to replicate the disgusting medicine that George created. 

Our Outdoor Learning day will continue the theme of George's disgusting concoctions where we will create our own mixtures and also develop our teamwork skills to  build structures in the forest school. We will also be using the inspiration of God's wonderful world and the school grounds to create our own prayers for our collective worship time. Please ensure we have suitable clothing and footwear for the day as we will be outside all day. (Thursday 31st January)


Welcome to Year 2

After a long and well-deserved summer break, the children have returned to school and settled back in tremendously.

As the oldest children in Key Stage 1, we are already trying very hard to set a good example to the younger children. We are a busy year group where lots of creative and fun learning takes place. We are always encouraged to be happy, work hard and treat each other with kindness.

We have a bright, vibrant classroom with lots of displays, which motivate us to work hard.

Our prayer table is an important focus in our classroom and we change it throughout the year to celebrate special times in the Church's year. It reminds us that ‘Jesus is at the heart of all that we do’ and we have explored how we can live this mission statement throughout the school day to be more like Jesus.

Here at St. Edward's, we are working to ensure that the curriculum supports learning, progress and success for all pupils.  We support the principle that a broad and balanced curriculum promotes the spiritual, moral and physical development of pupils and prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.



Autumn Term


This term we cannot wait to embark upon our topic of ‘Fire’ where the children will have the opportunity to explore a number of activities linked to this topic e.g. learning about the great fire of London and creating fire pictures using different media. It will be very exciting!


In Maths we will be concentrating on number and place value; Problem solving and reasoning. Developing mental strategies and reasoning about numbers. The children will start to tackle multiplication and division through practical activities. In geometry: we will be exploring properties of shapes and statistics.


We will also be heading outdoors in search things that are living and non-living, and what helps to keep things alive; in order to extend our knowledge of the world in our Science lessons.