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Year 3 Transition Booklet

Home schooling -July

Home schooling weeks 7 and 8


Wow, we have been busy again 2Y!! I am loving all the work that you are sending to me. It was also lovely to talk to lots of you on the phone this week and find out about the things you have been doing. Keep working hard, stay safe and be kind. Mrs Bailey smiley 

Home schooling week 6

Wow, what an amazing amount of work I have had sent to me this week!

It's great to see so many of you trying different activities and having fun.

When we went for our daily walks this week we saw lots of baby birds on the pond. Can you remember from your science work what a baby duck is called?

Have a lovely weekend ( I will be celebrating something special on Saturday, I wonder what that could be?!) and I look forward to looking at your wonderful work next week.

Lots of love Mrs Bailey

Home schooling week 5 

What a busy week it has been this week! I have loved speaking to you and hearing about your work. In particular, I enjoyed hearing about how you were going to celebrate VE Day. We had a picnic with some yummy VE cupcakes and then did a quiz about VE day. At 9 o'clock we watched the Queen and tried to join in with singing " We'll meet again".

Keep sending me pictures so I can add them in.

Home schooling weeks 3 and 4


I have had some amazing work sent to me this week. In week 4 I was in school, so I got to find out about the fun the children have been having. I hope you all enjoyed watching our video? It was certainly fun to make!Please keep sending your work in, it really cheers me up!smiley

Home schooling week 2

I have had even more wonderful photos this week of the things you have been doing. Well done everyone! Take a look and see if you can spot your work.


Home schooling- week 1

I have loved hearing about all the wonderful things the children have been doing at home this week. Lots of us have been doing Joe Wicks with our families, which is amazing. The photos and work you have sent me have really made me smile. Let's see if we can get a piece of work form everyone on here for next week!

Oh, and well done everyone, we are still beating 2B on timestables rockstars, keep it up!!smiley

Happiness pictures

This week the children worked together to create pictures to help people feel happy. They took them home to put in their windows for everyone to see.

Shape pictures

This week we have been learning about 2D shapes and their properties. We have been decribing the shapes, and using them to make our own shape pictures.

Spellings homework 13/3/2020 (to be tested on 23rd March)

Group 1 Group 2
playful play
careful care
happily happy
sadly sadly
colourful badly


English homework 13/3/2020

Spellings homework 6/3/2020 (to be tested on Monday 16th March)

Group 1 Group 2



whole there
improve where
clothes our
climb they


Warwick Castle trip

We had a fabulous day at Warwick Castle. We learnt about what it was like to live in the castle, watched a falconry display and climbed over 500 steps!! Thank you to all the parents who came to help us😊

English Homework 28/2/2020

Spellings Homework 28/2/2020

Group 1 Group 2
treasure because
pleasure every
measure people
division many
television eye


Maths homework

The children have brought a Maths booklet home today. Please can the children complete 4 questions each day and bring back to school for Thursday. Thank you.

Spellings 24th February:

Group 1 Group 2
was was
wash wash
watch squad
watching quad
squash want


NSPCC Number day


We had lots of fun yesterday celebrating Number day. We danced to number songs, made Maths board games and played them with our friends. We also took part in some number bond challenges. 

Thank you for your generosity in raising money for this very worthwhile charity, the children all looked amazing.smiley

Homework for 7th February

For this week, please could all children learn the words to the two songs they have been given? Can you feel the love tonight? and Love Love Love by the Beetles. Thank you.

Spellings Week Beginning 10th February


Group 1

Group 2





















Anyone for pizza?


Today 2Y had a fabulous trip to Pizza Express. We learnt how to shape and roll the dough and add our own toppings. The best bit was we all got our own pizza to bring home with us! Yummy!😋

Thank you to the children for being so well behaved, and for the grown ups who cane with us.

George's Marvellous Sandwiches


This week we have been having fun following instructions and learning how to make a healthy sandwich  We really enjoyed tasting them too!

We then wrote our own recipes for a sandwich to give George's dad enough energy to look after all the animals.

Culture week

This week we have been learning about different countries around the world, and what makes them special. We thought about the similarities and differences between the countries and where we live. We talked about how we are all children of God, no matter where we live.

On Friday, we learnt about Chinese New Year- watching the dragon dance and then making our own dragons.

We also had some resident experts to teach us some of their home language!smiley

Outdoor Day 16th January

We had lots of fun again on Outdoor Day.

The children were asked to make bug hotels, thinking about where would be the best place for it to go, and also thinking about what the 'residents' would need to keep them safe.

Mr Duffey came along to help us and taught us all how to use a saw safely. We thought that was great!

Oh, and course there was lots of mud!!!

George's Marvellous Medicine Spring Term 1


We would love you to be as creative as possible for our next homework topic!

Every week please select an idea from this sheet, or even come up with your own, and hand your work into your teacher before Thursday each week. If you are doing a craft activity, a photograph put into your Red book is fine.

You might like to do the  bigger craft activities during the half term holidays when you have more time.


Book review- write a book review about ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine

Letter writing- write a letter to the farmers from Mr Kranky telling them all about the marvellous medicine

Newspaper articles- reporting about the giant animals on the farm

Design a poster- design some colourful posters to advertise the marvellous medicine to farmers

Character writing- various sheets to write about each of the main characters

Grandma’s view- draw and write about Grandma’s view from the roof of the house

Marvellous medicine- write about a different effects of the medicine

New story ending- Think of a different ending to the story of George’s Marvellous    Medicine

Instruction writing- write instructions for making the marvellous medicine

Medicine effects- Draw the chickens after the medicine experiments

Label the jar- Design an exciting label for the bottle of marvellous medicine

What were George’s thought- draw and write the different things George wanted to do to Grandma

Mixing pot chant- write your own chant to say when the mixture is stirred

Describing worksheet- describe what happened to Grandma after she was  given the medicine

Shopping list- write a shopping list for ingredients for the medicine

George’s life- Write two diary entries by George- one when Grandma lived with them and the other when Grandma had disappeared

My marvellous medicine- write about your own marvellous medicine and what is in it and what it does

Character facts- write fact files about each character

Write your own story- make up your own   marvellous medicine story

Make your own medicine or medicine bottle.

Create a 3D model of grandma sitting out the roof.


Party day!!

On the last day of term, we had so much fun at our Christmas party! We danced, played pass the parcel, Christmas Bingo,and even found time for a Christmas Conga!!




Thank you SO much for the lovely presents, you have all been very kind and thoughful. It is much appreciated. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your families.


Over the holiday we have one piece of homework we would like you to do...please take a photograph of yourself reading your favourite/or new book in an interesting place.


Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and we are looking forward to seeing you in the New Year.


Love Mrs Bailey and the rest of the Year 2 team

We are having lots of fun in Year 2. Come and see what we have been doing.

Outdoor day -20.11.10

We had an amazing outdoor day this week, and the weather stayed dry!!

The children had so much fun playing games and building bridges, whilst learning important life skills such as team building, perserverence and resilience at the same time. 

'Thank You' Mass 13.11.19


A big thank you to all the family members who came to our class Mass this week. It was lovely to see so many of you come to help us celebrate this special occasion. The children were respectful and reverent all the way through and all did their jobs beautifully. Let's hope we all remember the very important message we were given- the importance of saying "Thank you"!


Take a look at our amazing Half term homework!



The children have really enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London and have completed some amazing homework projects over the Half Term holiday. Thank you to parents for your continued support, and thank you children for your hard work and enthusiasm. Every child that took part will get a little treat from Mrs Bsmiley

Great Fire Of London Homework

Outdoor Learning Day

We all had an amazing day today, despite the horrendous weather! It was so lovely to see the children having great fun running and splashing in the rain, but also thinking about habitats animals might live in. This was linked to our Science topic of materials and we tested different materials as to how waterproof they were. We also went on a 5 senses Treasure Hunt, looking and feeling for different properties such as smooth, rough, hard, soft, flexible and whether or not they would be appropriate building materials. This afternoon, we searched for signs of animals within our school grounds and we were thrilled to see the den hidden deep in the trees. 

We rounded off our day by creating prayer spinners, thanking God for all the wonderful things He has created for us, especially the rain to help the plants and flowers grow. We are looking forward to our next outdoor adventure.