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Somebody burned the bread!

Year 2 were very concerned when Miss Sankey was walking up and down the corridors alerting us that the fire alarm was going off. We followed our rules for leaving the building and assembled on the KS1 playground. When she returned she had some funny brown things on a plate and told us that somebody had been baking and hadn't turned the oven off and she had got there just in time! We decided we needed to make some posters for fire safety to give out to the rest of the school and this led us into learning about a big fire in British history.

Geography: London our capital city

We have been looking at the United Kingdom in our Geography lessons. We have looked at the countries in the United Kingdom and the capital cities with their flags. We looked at the  book 'Katie in London' and focused on the landmarks we could see and using compasses to direct people around. In our art lessons, we explored water colours to produce a background before sticking a silhouette of our chosen landmark on to it.


In computing we have been looking at algorithms. We have discussed the fact that if a computer or device does not do what we want it to, it because our instructions have not been clear enough and it is not the computers fault. We have completed lots of unplugged activities exploring the 'ambiguity' of our instructions. We have drawn pictures and completed maps. We have 'tinkered' with the BeeBots to test our instructions. We then went into the computing suite on the J2 JIIT app and gave the 'turtles' directions around a map.

Science: Living and Non Living things.

To start our topic, we looked at things that mean that something is alive. We the  discussed that at one point things that are now dead could have been alive and that there are some things that have never been alive. We went outside and around our school grounds to find and discuss things we could find that fall into this category.




For this half term P.E. is on a Thursday. We have our outdoor session with James the coach from Aston Villa and we have been working on spatial awareness and ball skills. We also have our indoor sessions where we are working on our dance unit.

Anti Bullying Week

After watching the Big Assembly about bullying and the effect it has on people we decided we were going to join in with the pledge and raise our hands against bullying in our school. This was our way of making a promise that we would be good role models with our behaviour and how we treat others. This week during Anti Bullying week we have made a bingo board with all of the behaviours that we think everyone in our class should be doing to show respect for others. When we get all of our names on our behaviour we can cross it off and continue until we cross off the entire board.


This half term we have been looking at the Old Testament and the stories it contains. We know that many of these stories don't have Jesus in them but they helped prepare for him. We have thought about characters thoughts and feelings, retold stories, written reviews and many other things. These are some pictures of us using the Bibles to role play the story of David the brave shepherd boy and Goliath the giant. We know from this story that with belief in God we can do anything!

Outdoor Day


Today we had our first outdoor of this academic year and it was a pleasure to watch the children in the natural outdoor environment. They listened so attentively and came very prepared to take on any challenges that were given to them. We quickly moved away from the proposed plan as the children had naturally developed their own theme for the day based on the learning in the classroom. The children turned the mud kitchen into the remedy station like Mary Seacole made all those years ago. The children wanted to use the remedies to help the soldiers in the Crimean war. We had been learning about Mary Seacole and her amazing work as part of Black History month. Others took this one step further and decided to use the materials and resources to build a two story hospital where the soldiers could be cared for. The creativity, teamwork and engagement was nothing short of inspirational!


Mary's Birthday

September the 8th is Mary's birthday, so we held a prayer service in class where we focused on the special stories in the Bible about Mary and we set up a special Mary altar in our classroom that we kept there all week. We learned how to say the Hail Mary in sign language, but we will keep practicing this whenever we pray to her. We each made a picture for her to show every one how special she is!

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use; the more you have!" yes

Welcome to Class 2SM. We are a class of 28 children working with Miss McTiernan and Mrs Curtis is often around to lend a helping hand too. Incase you want to know a little bit more about me, I have put together a little something for you to read.

Dear Year 2 children and parents,

As we were unable to meet like we would usually before you joined us in year 2 and as some of the usual events we would normally have may not be able to go ahead; I thought I would write you a little, so you can get to know me a little bit better.

My name is Miss McTiernan, I have been a teacher here at St. Edward’s since I started my teaching career; 12 years ago this September. I have taught in many year groups including Reception, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 and I have thoroughly enjoyed them all for different reasons. I am currently teaching in Year 2, specifically 2SM, and I lead R.E., this was a subject that I chose to study at University whilst training to be a teacher.

I did Irish dancing when I was younger, so have always liked to keep active, I still run and do other things and always enjoy seeing the children from St. Edward’s out and about on my travels. They always look quite shocked to see me somewhere other than school! The children in my class will often here me talking about my family and I particularly like to share stories about my nieces and nephews.

If I had to describe myself in 3 words I would say I was happy, energetic but also quite forgetful; many children I have taught would remind me of that!

I am really looking forward to the year ahead getting to know you and your child, if you need anything I am always here to listen and help where I can. There are many adults who may be working with your child at some point but incase any of you are unsure of what I look like see if you can find me on the 'Who's who' page in the information tab.


We have many ways to communicate here at school, but currently the most efficient way would be to email the email address which I am checking daily and will try to respond to you as quickly as I can.


As the children are now Year 2 we are encouraging them to try and be a bit more independent and to think about what they can do themselves to prepare for the school day. To help get the children into routine to start with please could you help us by checking that your child always has the correct school uniform, a drinks bottle as currently we cannot have spare cups in the classroom and their reading bag with their reading book in everyday. Your child has been issued with a BGFL login incase any home learning needs to take place, could you please access it and send us a quick email to the year2 email address so that we know the children's details work. If you have any issues with devices or computing equipment could you please let us know and we can arrange alternative provision.


Our current PE day is on a Tuesday, and the children can come into school in PE kit for the day. Please remember no earrings should be worn for health and safety reasons and a white round neck t-shirt with the school badge and plain blue or black shorts/ tracksuit bottoms should be worn.


The children have settled in extremely well considering the circumstances and time they have had off. From the first day they have come in with big smiles and full of stories and things to tell me, it really does make me smile! Currently, we are re establishing routines and reminding the children of the rules which will help us to learn and keep everyone safe all at the same time, they are so eager to please and have already earned lots of track it light points! 

We have already studied two books 'The day the crayons quit' and 'The day the crayons came home' which the children have loved. I love stories and at times get carried away when reading them, but the children's enthusiasm fueled this even more. I am really looking forward to seeing the journey we go on this year and the wonderful things we can share together.



Autumn Term overview and how you can support

"Mistakes are proof that we are trying."yes