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Science Week 21st - 25th June 

We had an exciting start to our week when we had a virtual assembly from a group of STEM ambassadors.  They explained what they do in their job, how Science helps them to do their job and what they like the most about it. One of the ambassadors had even made cars for a James Bond film- wow!


On Tuesday, we made Chromatography Butterflies.  We drew patterns on filter paper with felt tip pens and placed them in water. Just look at what happened…

Chromatography Butterflies

Biscuit Bear

This week, we are reading Biscuit Bear by Mini Grey.  We had great fun on Monday when we made our own biscuits to eat whilst we listened to the story.  We are going to write a recipe card so that people can make biscuits too!

Biscuit Bear

Vocations Week 14th to 18th June

This week, we have been thinking about the vocations that people are called by God to do. We explored different jobs people may have and the role that God is calling us to do.


On Friday, we enjoyed VIP day, where we dressed up as somebody important.  Who would you dress up as?

Design Technology

This week, we have been practicing our cutting skills, using a template to mark out the shape of our material. Some of the material was quite difficult to cut, but we persevered and felt very proud of ourselves. We are looking forward to applying this skills when we make sock puppets. 

Design Technology-Cutting Skills


We have been reading ‘Previously’ by Allan Ahlberg. The book is written in an unusual style…all of the events are told backwards!  Some of our favourite Traditional Tale characters are featured in the book and we have enjoyed retelling different stories in reverse.  Take a look at our story maps.

Previously story maps

Art Week 14th June - 18th June

This week, 1PW have been studying the work of Claude Monet.  We researched information about where he was born (in France, which is our class Euro team!) and looked carefully at some of his paintings.


Below are some pictures of us creating some art work.  Check back soon to see our work.

Maths Week 7th June - 11th June

World Bee Day- 20th May

Year 1 was a hive of activity today as we celebrated World Bee Day.  Thank you to Mr Duffy for his fantastic talk about the importance of bees.  There was an excited buzz in the classroom for the rest of the day.  Ask your child for some interesting bee facts 🐝 

Music wb 17.05.21
This week, we have been learning how to play untuned percussion instruments following a beat.  We explored a range of instruments and made some fantastic music.  Miss Poole even played her ukulele to help us keep time. 


Outdoor Learning

We enjoyed working outdoors this week, especially when it rained and we got muddy! We went on a plant hunt to identify some wild plants as part of our Science topic.  Can you name any of the plants we found?

Even though we have finished our Yucky Worms book, we were still excited to find so many because of the rain.  Did you know that worms come to the surface when it rains so they can breathe?  They don’t have ears but can feel the vibrations in the soil from the rain. 

Mental Health Awareness Week- 10th- 14th May

The theme for this years Mental Health Awareness Week is 'Nature'.  We spent lots of time this week connecting with Nature by:

  • sitting quietly in the classroom and listening to bird song;
  • going on a plant hunt in our Science lesson;
  • sitting in the mud and chatting with our friends during our Outdoor Learning session;
  • mindfulness colouring with a natural theme;
  • making natural artwork.


At the end of the week we reflected on what we had done:

"I really liked being able to hear the singing birds.  It made me feel calm and happy inside." S.M.


"There was so much mud outside but I really liked it.  It was all squelchy and sticky."  S.S.


"My favourite way of being calm was the 'Palm Breathing', it was tickly on my hand." S.L


This half term, our P.E lessons are every Monday and Tuesday. We are completing lessons outside. Your child can wear:


  • Jogging bottoms (blue)
  • P.E. shorts
  • School P.E t-shirt
  • School cardigan or jumper
  • Trainers

Outdoor Learning

We have our Outdoor Learning Session every Wednesday afternoon

As we can never predict what the weather will be like from day to day we ask you to try, where possible, to supply the following, a waterproof coat and trousers, wellington or walking boots, a long sleeved top, long trousers and a warm jumper. 

Please ensure all clothes sent in are old as there is a strong possibility of the children getting muddy! If the children could please come to school wearing their school uniform, they will then get changed before our outdoor lesson.

Welcome to Class 1PW. We are a class of 28 children working with Mr Worthington and Miss Phipson. So we can get to know each other a little better, I have put together a little something for you to read.


Dear Year 1 children and parents,

I am so happy to welcome you all back to school after such as difficult year. I feel really lucky to have you all in my class again, and cannot wait to learn new things together. I have written this letter so that you can get to know me better.

My name is Mr Worthington, I have been a teacher here at St. Edward’s since I started my teaching career; 9 years ago this September. I have taught in many year groups including Reception, Year 1, and Year 4. I lead Science and Design and Technology across the school. I studied Chemistry at University and even worked in a laboratory when I graduated, where I wore a lab coat and goggles!

I grew up in Dudley and moved to Birmingham 15 years ago. The children in my class will often hear me talk about my family and I particularly like to share stories about my two dogs, Rupert and Henry, who are always getting up to mischief! In my spare time, I enjoy reading (especially Harry Potter and comic books) and playing Mario Kart. People often say I am a very happy person but also quite forgetful; lots of children I have taught know this and always help me with jobs in the classroom.
We have many ways to communicate here at school, but currently the most efficient way would be to email us at I am checking this daily and will try to respond to you as quickly as I can.

Mr Worthington


As the children are now Year 1, we are encouraging them to try and be a bit more independent and to think about what they can do themselves to prepare for the school day. To help get the children into routine to start with please could you help us by checking that your child always has the correct school uniform, a drinks bottle (as currently we cannot have spare cups in the classroom) and their reading bag with their reading book in every day. We will change reading books on a Wednesday, and two books will be given. Please complete your child’s online reading diary, which can be accessed via the BGFL page.


Your child has been issued with a BGFL login in case any home learning needs to take place. Could you please access it and send us a quick email to the year 1 email address so that we know the children's details work. If you have any issues with devices or computing equipment could you please let us know and we can arrange alternative provision.


Our current PE day is on a Thursday, and the children can come into school in PE kit for the day. Please remember no earrings should be worn for health and safety reasons and a white round neck t-shirt with the school badge and plain blue or black shorts/ tracksuit bottoms should be worn.


The children have settled in extremely well considering the circumstances and time they have had off. From the first day they have come in with big smiles and full of stories and things to tell me, it really does make me smile!


Currently, we are re-establishing routines and reminding the children of the rules which will help us to learn and keep everyone safe all at the same time, they are so eager to please and have already earned lots of track it light points! 


We have already studied two books ‘Ruby’s Worry’ and ‘My Friend the Monster' which the children have loved. These books have provided us with a wonderful opportunity to discuss our feelings and emotions.  The children have produced some wonderful artwork about things that make them happy and made ‘safeguarding hands’ where they have identified five people in school who the can talk to if they are worried.


Our topic ‘Marvellous Me’ has really interested the children and they have enjoyed learning about the different parts of the body and carrying out investigations around their senses.  We had fun trying to guess what was in the mystery box without using our sense of sight!