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"Today is a great day to learn something new!"  

Curriculum Overview 22-23

Spring 2 Week 5

Please log in to Numbots and complete the number bonds to 20 challenge. 

Spring 2, Week 4

This week has been filled with Phonics, reading, Maths, a new RE unit and lots more. 
The children created some fantastic art on Brian Travers from UB40 using a range of materials and colours. The children were reverent and respectful during our prayer service and have thought careful about Jesus’ messages during Lent. 



STEM WEEK- Spring 2 Week 3

Spring 2 Week 3

As part of STEM Week, the children in Year 1 have been learning about healthy eating. We designed our own healthy food plates. At the end of the week, Year 1 made healthy fruit yoghurt and spent time creating their own logo for their yoghurt company. 

When making the fruit yoghurts, the children thought about their cutting skills and healthy and safety.

School Closure - 10.03.23

Due to the weather warning, work has been set for the children to complete at home. This includes Maths, English, Phonics and Science. 

Please see below the work set for the morning.


In Maths we have been learning about addition and subtraction number bonds to 10. 

Please complete the number bonds to 10 activity sheet. There is also a number bonds to 10 mastery mat if your child would like to challenge themselves further.

In Science we have started looking at seasonal changes. 


Please go through the Science - Day and Night pdf. This gives the children more information on why we have day and night. It also covers some examples of things they might see during the day and night. The children will then need to complete the Science - Day and Night worksheet where they need to sort the words into the correct section in the Venn diagram.

Below are activities for Phase 3 and Phase 5. The Phase 3 worksheet is a matching activity; please read the sentences and match them to the picture. There is also a range of activities on the Phase 5 worksheet. 


Watch the video below all about the seasons. Using the writing frame, think about what you like to do in each season. 

We have provided a seasons word bank to support your writing. Remember to include capital letters, full stops and letter spaces. 

Spring 2 Week 2

The children have enjoyed our new book 'Orion and the Dark'. The children made predictions about the text and shared them with the class. 

We celebrated mass and have attended an assembly all about Lent. We received 'Lent in a bag' which included sand, a peg doll, stones, a candle and prayer cards. The children enjoyed putting the new items on our prayer space and discussing their meaning. 

We have also been exploring 'forgiveness'. The children learnt about actions and consequences. 

In Maths, we continued to look at number bonds to 10. The children looked at consecutive numbers with a difference of 1. 

World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March

Spring 2 Week 1 

The week that was… 

World Book Day 

UB40 visit!

We looked at poetry at the beginning of the week. We read ‘My Colours’ by Colin West and wrote our own fruit salad poem. The children have been practising their number bonds to 10 and have enjoyed playing maths games inside and outside the classroom. 

On World Book Day we read ‘Mother Earth is Weeping’. We discussed why our planet is important and what we can do to protect our planet. The children did some observational art looking outside and using different colours. 

Spring 1 Week 7 

The children have really enjoyed all our learning on explorers. We have learnt lots about explorers Captain Scott and Ernest Shackleton. The children created a packing list for a cold place and thought about where they would like to go on an adventure. The children enjoyed using the IPads on computing day and learnt how to edit photos on Jit 5 and log in to their BGFL using a QR code. We also used the paint app to create a digital seasons picture. 
On Thursday, we had a visit from CAFOD and Sr Elena delivered a workshop. We thought about what we can do to make the world a better place. 

Spring 1 Week 6 

Well done to all the children in Year 1 for their hard work in our assembly. 

Things we have been doing this week: 

-Safer Internet Day games and posters 

-Research on the iPads about Ernest Shackleton and explorers. 

-Addition and subtraction in Maths. 

-Writing facts. 

-Team games for Children's Mental Health Week

-The story of the Lost Sheep

and lots more!


Spring 1 Week 5 

This week, we have learnt about the moon. Here is some more thngs we have done: created fact files; solved addition problems in maths; practiced for our assembly; read the story of The Good Samaritan and The Prodigal Son and explored questions such as 'Do we always need to forgive?' 

The children have worked hard as always and can't wait to present their assembly on 'Animals' next week. 


Outdoor Maths

Science- Animal Groups (Spring 2- Week 4)

Spring 1, Week 3 

The children celebrated their first class mass. Well done Year 1 for your singing and reading. 

We have been working hard in Phonics and guided reading. Please read your child’s decodable book each day and practice phase 3 and phase 5 digraphs and trigraphs. 
The children have been learning ‘I Got You Babe’ by UB40 as part of a challenge. The children have created information posters and musical instruments. 

Spring 1 Week 2

Think Tank

We had such a wonderful day at the Think Tank. We started the day off in the Planetarium for the Night Dome Show. The children then spent time in Mini Brum; building, playing shops, hairdressers, doctors, dentist, restaurant and fixing in the workshop. We looked at the animals and what animal group they belonged to. The children even pointed out some animals that were carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We learnt about the human body and healthy eating. It was so much fun! 

Spring 1, Week 1

Welcome Back

Happy New Year! We are so pleased to be back together as a class family and we are so excited about all our learning this term. This week we have been writing about the Christmas break and sharing what we have been doing in groups. The children learnt some new hymns in preparation for our school mass and were respectful and reverent. 

We have been talking about our trip to the Think Tank and the links to our learning. In Geography, we have been learning about our local area and school grounds. The children went outside to look at the features of the key stage 1 playground and created labelled models and drawings. In Science, we have continued our learning about animals and the groups they belong to. 

In P.E, the children learnt some dance moves and in groups created and performed their own dance routine to music. 

Autumn 2 Week 7 

The children have worked so hard this week and have enjoyed our festive activities. 

We had a great afternoon on Thursday watching the pantomime 'Aladdin'. Miss Westwood was singing and dancing with the children. We have spent time this week learning about Advent and the preparations for Jesus' birth. 

Have a happy and holy christmas. 


Autumn 2 Week 6

The children were wonderful in our whole school nativity. Well done! 

This week, we also led our first whole school mass. The children read and sang beautifully. 

In English, we have been looking at the poem celebration which links to our class text 'Where the Wild Things Are'. The children wrote their own poems using words with 'ing ending. Ask the children to share some with you. 

Autumn 2 Week 5 

The children have been practicing for our Mass and we can't wait to welcome the parents to join us on Thursday to celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception. 

The children have also been practicing for our Nativity and have sang beautifully. We can't wait to perform on Tuesday and Wednesday. 1JW parents are invited to attend on Wednesday 7th December. 

The children have been reading our new class text 'Where the Wild Things Are' and thought about how they would feel if they were the king of the wild things for a day. 

In Maths, the children have been partitioning numbers using the part whole model. 

On Friday, we enjoyed our Rudolph Run and we thank you for your donations. 

Autumn 2 Week 4 Computing Day 22.11.22

We have really enjoyed reading our new class text 'One Day On Our Blue Planet...In The Savannah'. The children have learnt so much about lions and are looking forward to writing fact files next week. On computing day, the children also used the iPads to research lions in preparation for this too. The children also learnt how to use the paint app on JIT 5 and used different tools to create pictures on a range of backgrounds. 

In Maths, we have been using different coloured cubes to support our learning on the part whole model. 

In R.E, the children have been learning about prayer. We took to time learn the prayer 'Glory Be'. 

Autumn 2 Week 3 Odd Socks Day

Autumn 2, Week 3 

On Monday we wore odd socks to kick start Anti-bullying week. We watched a video and spoke about reaching out and speaking up if you or someone else in being bullied. 

On Tuesday, the children absolutely loved our retreat day. The day was called 'Let all creation sing.' In Year 1, our focus was animals of the ocean and Miss Phispon even showed us a real starfish. We spent time singing and praying together as a whole school family. 

The children have been writing their own version of 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' with a new animal character. We used a story map to help us with our writing. We have also celebrated 'Road Safety Week'. The children created banners, posters and postcards to share important messages about road safety. 

Autumn 2 Week 2 

This week we went outdoors and created a tea party for the tiger who came to tea. The children went into the mud kitchen to make lots of delicious food and drinks for the tiger and even created tables and chairs using tyres, wooden planks and sticks. I was so impressed with the children's creativity and wonderful ideas. We spent the afternoon on a scavenger hunt using our five senses which is part of our science topic 'Animals including humans'. 


The children were reverent and respectful during our Mass led by Year 3. They sang beautifully and joined in with prayers and responses. 

Diwali Dance Workshop

Autumn 2, Week 1 

The children enjoyed our new class text 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea'. They made predictions and thought of words to describe the tiger. 

In Maths, we have been comparing groups and exploring less, more and equal to.

In R.E the children have been thinking about family and celebrations. The children explored the importance of Sunday in the church and the key features of a mass. 

Autumn 1, Week 7 

What a busy week! The children enjoyed creating self portraits with Mrs Scott on Monday and learnt a song called 'Marvelous Me'. Ask the children to sing the new song they learnt at home. 

The children also enjoyed an upcycling workshop on Tuesday. All they needed was scissors, glue and some recycled materials to create a book. On Thursday, the children had a computing day and learnt all about online safety. The children answered questions and created posters to share everything they had learnt. The children know that they need to tell a trusted adult when using a computer or device. 

Autumn 1 Week 6- Maths Week 


This week has been Maths Week and we have learnt lots about famous mathematicians. Miss Costello delivered an inspiring assembly and the children recognised that they are all mathematicians and maths can be found in all that we do. We learnt about Ada Lovelace and created portraits of her using a range of shapes. Take a look at our mathematical art below. 

Year 3 led a lovely Mass on Wednesday and the children were so reverent. They responded and sang beautifully. 

The children really enjoyed reading our new class text 'Dogger' and learnt more about toys which linked with our History lessons. The children described their favourite toys and the reasons why it is their favourite toy. 

In Science, we explored our five senses. The children engaged in a senses carousel and described what they could see, hear, smell, taste and feel.  

Autumn 1, Week 5 

This week we welcomed Darren Harris who is an England Blind Footballer and British Paralympian. He was truly inspirational and we had a great morning completing HIIT workouts and learning how to play blind football. The children had great fun on outdoor day as we started in the forest using materials to build a house for a monster. The children thought about our class text 'My Friend the Monster' and thought of suitable materials to build the monster character somewhere to stay. In the afternoon, we used our fantastic school grounds to complete a Maths orienteering game. The children wrote single digit numbers in words. The children then ventured on to the KS2 playground and looked for signs of autumn using a checklist. The children found mushrooms, acorns, seeds, conkers and different coloured leaves. 

Autumn 1, Week 4 

The children have learnt about St Therese of Liseux as we celebrated 'Little Way Week'. The children created flowers and drew pictures of acts of kindness. In Maths, we have been looking at one more than a number and using the terminology: 'greater than', 'less than' and 'equal to'. 

We started our new class text 'My Friend the Monster' and the children made predictions about what was under the bed. We also created lost posters, using descriptive language. 



Autumn 1 Week 2 Homework

Autumn 1, Week 3 Reading Practice

This week we were thinking about things that make us happy. In our class text 'Ruby's Worry, we read that she liked playing in the garden and swinging up high. The children wrote down all the things they enjoyed in their books. In Maths, the children have been using tens frames and number tracks to support their counting. The children have thought about different ways to represent numbers and have been practicing write numbers in digits and words. 

Week beginning: 12th September 

ART WEEK- Good to be Me

The children have worked so hard this week! 

On Monday, we started reading our class text 'Ruby's Worry' by Tom Percival. The children thought of reasons why Ruby might be feeling worried and shared their ideas in groups. We looked at images from the text and wrote captions. As a class we created a story map; the children then created their own story map plan to support their writing next week. 

In R.E, we have read the creation story in the bible and we went outside to look at our beautiful world. The children discussed what the word 'beginning' meant and drew pictures of the things God created on each day. 

Art week was filled with lots of colour and we learnt about ways we can show feeling and emotion with colour and facial expressions. The children drew their own colour monsters and selected a colour to show an emotion. We have created a self-portrait wall for our classroom display and we look forward to our 'Portrait Workshop' in October with Mrs Scott. 

The children have spent time this week remembering and praying for Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the Royal Family.

Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon her.
May she rest in peace. Amen.


Week Beginning 5th September 

What a fantastic first week back to school we have had! I have been so proud of each and every child for settling in to the class routines and their attitude to learning. 

This week, we have been focusing on our mission statement “Jesus is at the Heart of all that we do”, and how we can apply this to what we do in school. The children thought of some wonderful ways to show this. We have also made our own class rules which we have all agreed to try and follow. 

We celebrated Mary's birthday this week and made flowers, birthday cards and prayers. 

Mary's Birthday


Our P.E day is Thursday.


Your child can wear:

  • Jogging bottoms (blue)
  • School P.E t-shirt
  • School cardigan or jumper
  • Trainers
  • Please remember no earrings should be worn for health and safety reasons and a white round neck t-shirt with the school badge and plain blue or black shorts/ tracksuit bottoms should be worn.

Welcome to Class 1JW. Our class teacher is Miss Westwood. 

Incase you want to know a little bit more about me, I have put together a little something for you to read.


Dear Year 1 children and parents,


My name is Miss Westwood. I have had lots of experience in Year 1, Year 3 and Year 6 and I have thoroughly enjoyed them all for different reasons. I am currently teaching in Year 1, specifically 1JW. I am so pleased that I have such a wonderful class!

At university I studied Primary Education with a specialist focus on English. I love reading, baking and being outdoors. If I had to describe myself in 3 words I would say I was creative, motivated and organised.

I am really looking forward to the year ahead getting to know you and your child, if you need anything I am always here to listen and help where I can. There are many adults who may be working with your child at some point but in case any of you are unsure of what I look like, you can have a look at the 'Whos' Who' page. 



Miss Westwood smiley

As the children are now Year 1 we are encouraging them to try and be a bit more independent and to think about what they can do themselves to prepare for the school day. Please could you help us by checking that we always have our correct uniform, drink bottle and reading bag with our reading book every day? 


Our class Saint is Saint Francis of Assisi. We will be learning all about his life and why he is such a special Saint for us.