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SERG at The Library of Birmingham

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SERG in the AmphitheatreSERG Visit to The Library of Birmingham - Friday 20th May 2016

The children of SERG, accompanied by Mrs Hodgson, Mrs Watkins and Mrs Connaughton enjoyed an extremely useful and productive trip to The Library of Birmingham, in the city centre on Friday 20th May.

The day was spent touring the library's wonderful floors and marvelling at the design and architecture. Favourite areas included the Secret Garden and the Shakespeare Memorial Room. As well as learning about the library systems, and accessing a wealth oration in various formats, the children were able to appreciate the city of Birmingham, by seizing the opportunities to enjoy the view, from many of the library's outside areas. 

After lunch, SERG were allowed to use the Children's Library's 'Middle Earth Room' where they collated quantitative and qualitative data, from the questionnaires that they had produced and distributed to the children. It was an interesting and informative afternoon, and the children were able to draw a number of conclusions and formulate some next steps, as part of their ongoing Young Researchers project.

At the end of the visit, they had some free time to browse the Children's Library, and do some reading for pleasure, before it was time to start the journey back to school.

It was a worthwhile and exciting day,  and the children are more eager than ever to continue with their research into how they can make teaching and learning more engaging and accessible for the children of our school.




All About SERG.

St. Edward's Research Group (or SERG as they are known as) is a group of eight children from UKS2, who are participating in a project in conjunction with Colmore Teaching School and the University of Central Birmingham. 

The children attended UCB on Friday 29th January, with groups of other children from various schools in Birmingham. The morning saw them attend a lecture about the purpose of research, and then they had a tour of the facilities of the University.

The area SERG have decided to research and investigate is "Pupil Engagement". They want to encourage children into being more motivated to participate in all aspects of school life, as well as learning. The children would like to see that all pupils take responsibility for a number of areas around the school.

During May, SERG will be formulating and distributing questionnaires in order to obtain the views of the children. Through continuous research, meetings and planning, they will introduce their ideas during  Summer Term 2016. In June, the team will return to UCB, to present their ideas and their findings.

Please continue to watch this space for further news and developments.



Mrs Hodgson  -  SERG Teacher.