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Mrs Kennett would like this to be organised in a way that provides positive and  constructive feedback on the events and the many aspects of school life.These discussions enable us to have a rounded perspective whilst helping to shape school policy and practice.


Please contact the school office if you would like to be involved. We look forward to hearing from you!    

14th March at 2pm & 22nd March at 6:30pm 2017  Behaviour Policy and Homework


Issues discussed and raised

School response actions

Changes from the ‘Out of the Cloud’ system to Happy/Sad side and housepoints have meant that the children can start each day afresh.

Parents’ Forum have requested a ‘Glossary of terms’ in order to understand the systems in place. We are working on this for you.

Housepoints do not necessarily equate to Tea with Mrs K. Children chosen for Tea when one child stands out for their exemplary behaviour or kindness to others. Children are loving the Class Dojo avatars and the KS1 system of colours on their walls really motivate them.


Pen licenses are a brilliant way of promoting good presentation and motivating the children

The children really enjoy Tea with Mrs K and school endeavours to ensure that every child is chosen throughout the year.

Just to clarify, house points are the same as ‘class dojo’ points.




There has been a rapid improvement in writing outcomes and we feel that this has really helped children.

Should children miss any of their reward time if they have one pink slip? Parents felt that this should not happen at one pink slip if we are to look at forgiveness and repairing.

Children will miss their reward (Golden Time) time at 2 pink slips and more from now on, not 1 pink slip.

Reward time every Friday at the end half term can be a long time to wait, considering that the children used to have this every Friday on a weekly basis.

Previously, it began to take up too long a session and began to be a whole afternoon on a weekly basis, which school could not afford the learning time. However as a response to Parents’ Forum and discussions with children we are now holding ‘Golden time’ on the last Friday of every month.

The Attendance focus is really positive especially as children can earn extra playtime on a weekly basis and be rewarded for 100% attendance on a termly basis.

Children will be acknowledged in some way for their 99% attendance if they have had to attend something outside of school that is beyond their control e.g. a music exam or health appointment. Parents of persistent absent children will be receiving a letter, inviting them to meet with Mrs Kennett.

‘Play leaders’ is a really positive initiative, especially for children who find it challenging socialising with their peers.

School to research other projects such as ‘Quaker’ peace projects

It was felt that there needs to be more tolerance from the parents and wider community, regarding children with individual behavioural needs. Parents at the forum felt that many people who do not work in schools are unaware of the issues faced within school and do parents really understand what ‘inclusion’ means? Individual children could have SEN, be on the autistic spectrum or be suffering from social and emotional behaviours. All children need to be respected and supported. Can we mention Autism Awareness Week in the newsletter?






Can the SEND coffee afternoons be open to all?

As a Catholic school, we are inclusive and this means that we have to cater for all the needs of the children who are part of our school community. Everyone is equal in the eyes of God. Sometimes individuals with social and emotional needs can struggle with noise and or sensory issues, changes in routine and can suffer with high anxiety outbursts. All our staff are trained in de-escalation skills and are very compassionate. St Edward’s invites a number of external agencies to support our children. There are times when it is necessary to work with individuals out of the class or to take the class to another working space to continue a lesson without disruption.

Ofsted acknowledged that we had some challenging behaviours to manage but overall the behaviour was ‘good’ and at times ‘very good’.

Yes all parents are welcome to attend as a way of improving everyone’s understanding of ‘inclusion’

Are many children excluded?

Our Behaviour policy supports the idea of a warning, giving children a chance to reflect and repair on their behaviour. However we have used a ‘fixed term’ exclusion for times when we feel that the actions chosen by a child are dangerous and cause intentional harm. We have found that the ‘fixed-term’ exclusions have reduced the number of re-occurrences from the same children. We endeavour to investigate each serious incident to ensure that sanctions are fair. Thankfully these are very few in numbers.

Pink slips are a way of recording incidents and for school to track and monitor specific behaviours. They are a good evidence-base to share with parents and an accurate fair record for each child. These are regularly reviewed at phase meetings held with staff.

Previously, records were not always consistent and some ‘behaviours’ were not highlighted or recorded properly. The perception of the ‘pink slip’ may seem to parents that we have an increase in poor behaviour but in fact, the opposite is the case. Ofsted checked through our records thoroughly, therefore this shows the requirement to have a rigorous system in place. Phase Leaders now follow up the pink slips. Mrs Carry is the Behaviour Co-ordinator.

Homework: Open-ended tasks in ‘homework books’ which gives children the opportunity to do as much as they would like to around a topic; reading books to be varied; to be given out, incorporating a weekend; online is helpful but not always enough; consistency needed. However each year group has its own needs e.g. Y6 may need more


Homework is an area that we would like to continue to improve. We ensure that reading, spellings and maths are taken home regularly. From experience, parents tend to be very divided on this issue and many would like more but many disagree with it encroaching into family time. However, the idea of homework should be to reinforce your child’s learning in school.


Ofsted report- 3rd April at 6:30pm

Breakfast Club menu


Newsletter items

Parents’ evening/meetings

Road safety/car parking




Thankyou to the parents who attended our last Parents' Forum meeting.


LAST PARENTS' FORUM MEETING was at 2:30pm & 7pm  on 12th October 2016 at 9:10am and 7pm in school.

We discussed the transition of children into their new classes. It was felt that the meeting of the new teachers in the Summer Term in their new classes was a positive move. The arrangements for Year 1 being greeted outside by the staff greatly reduced anxiety for the children and parents. The staggered entrance via the classroom doors for the first few weeks was a good idea and now the children are ready to enter via the  blue door. The TA's moving up with the children was a really good idea as they already knew the staff. The children moving from Y2 to Y3, some were anxious about the change of playground and parents not allowed in the top playground. This has settled. Reception parents feel that they can discuss anything with the staff at the door. Miss Solanki with her clipboard enables parents to pass on messages to staff in the mornings.

Behaviour was discussed and the acknowledgement of the new changes. Pink slips are being used in a more formal way of recording unacceptable behaviour.The 'out of the cloud' system was being replaced by individual class systems where forgiveness and starting a new day fresh was the most important aspect. Y1 and Y3 parents were happy that their children were excited and motivated by their class systems of rewards. The House system was a good idea and the children know more about their saints and have really enjoyed the house celebrations aswell as dressing in that house colour. Some parents were a little concerned about the length of time from a weekly 'reward' time to a half termly reward time was too much. However KS1 are having smaller intermittent class rewards to keep the momentum going. The policy is still under review

The website was praised for its ease of use and the facility that people can access it in different languages. More uptodate class pages were requested. This has been brought to the attention of staff.

Homework was raised as an item for discussion next time.

FORUM and FRIENDS was amalgamated for the purpose of engaging more parents at this initial meeting.

The next FRIENDS meeting is 2pm on Wed 2nd November. This is to discuss new roles of Chair/Secretary and the organisation events for Christmas.

The next FORUM meeting will be 23rd November at 2pm. The following meeting after Christmas will be in the evening.