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Welcome to the home page for 5M Mr McCormick. Year 5 teaching assistants include Mrs Lowe, Mrs Phipson and Miss Andrews. We have many exciting learning opportunities planned for Autumn 2016.

Leading a Key Stage or Whole School Mass is a highlight in any term. We will prepare readings, bidding prayers, music and the Offertory Procession. Please join us in celebrating Mass or Golden Assembly (Friday Mornings) through the year, if you are able.  This term we will study Creation stories from around the world; the Baptism of Jesus, Advent and Christmas. This term presents some exciting art opportunities and other cross-curricular links.

Literacy work is closely linked to our History topic, Ancient Greece; the children will have the opportunity to write in a range of styles including writing their own myth.  We will be looking to improve use of punctuation and vocabulary choices. Please continue to support us by hearing your child read at home. How does the author use language to create effect? Compare different texts by the same author.

Maths will focus on extending the pupils knowledge of place value, rounding, estimating and ordering. Formal written methods will be taught for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will be discussing the merits of different methods and approaches in solving multi-step problems.  Please continue to support us by checking that times tables are secure and reviewed daily.

Our topic for this term will be about life in ancient Greece and how it has affected our lives today. We will begin by developing chronological awareness and placing key events on a timeline. The children will use atlas referencing skills and the internet to locate Greece, neighbouring countries, climatic and physical features. We will be researching myths and legends, religious beliefs and comparing daily life in Sparta and Athens. The children will also have the opportunity to research and prepare a Greek salad, explore ancient Greek art and participate in a mini Olympics. Through a study of ancient Greece we will learn how this civilisation has shaped society today. 


Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.

We spent an afternoon out in the forest school area as part of cross-curricular study in 5M. It was a fun afternoon where the children used their knowledge from FArTHER in English and Icarus and Daedalus in English/topic to make their own set of wings. The children were given the task of using natural items, as well as sellotape, string and a small selection of feathers, to make their own wings. As you can see from these images, there are some very creative minds in 5M. We are all very much looking forward to spending a week of afternoons in the forest school area in January.


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