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Welcome to the home page for 4S and Mr Silverton.


We have many exciting learning opportunities planned for Autumn term, 2018.


Year 4 have made a truly impressive start to the new school year.

Through ‘The Firework-Maker’s Daughter’ by Philip Pullman, we will investigate: Settings, character development, dialogue and narrative style. Writing will include: Dramatisation, considering points-of-view and writing a diary entry. Grammar will include: Sentence structure, new vocabulary, complex sentences, relative clauses and elaboration. We will also look at non-chronological reports and design our own fact files based on independent research about the Rainforests and different charitable organisations in our RE work. In Maths, will be extending our learning in place value, negative numbers through zero, rounding, and, written methods for addition and subtraction. We will apply our learning to everyday situations including: Telling the time, timetable analysis and interpretation of data.

We are really excited about next half term too! We will focus on comparing texts and creative writing. Through developing our knowledge and understanding of Rainforests, we will compare and contrast books written by the same author; The Great Kapok Tree and The Shaman’s Daughter, both written by Lynne Cherry. As for Maths, we are further developing our knowledge of multiplication and division, and, our applying our understanding to explore perimeter and area.

In Religious Education, we will outline some key beliefs about the creation of human beings and the creation of the world. We will hear about and learn some of the important stories from the Book of Genesis. The children will explore some important images of God found in these stories and consider what it means for us to be made in the image and likeness of God. Our knowledge of the liturgical year will be strengthened as we focus on the seasons of Advent and Christmas, understanding why it is important for Christians to prepare for Christ to come again.


In Science, we will learn about Living Things and their Habitats. We will look at classifying vertebrates and invertebrates. We will try to name a variety of living things in our local and wider community by generating questions to sort vertebrates in a classification key. We will also be looking at how environments can change and how this can pose dangers to living things by learning about environmental dangers and endangered species. In Autumn 2, we will explore States of Matter. We will sort kitchen chemicals into Solids, Liquids and Gases. Our investigation work will look at mixing and separating different solids and liquids, creating a solution and thinking about how a solution differs from a suspension.

Geography work will focus on looking at different climate zones through comparing and contrasting life in rainforests, deserts, grasslands and using an atlas to identify these regions in our world. Art links will include Firework Art and studying paintings by Turner, thinking about how he used light in his paintings to create mood and excitement. We will be looking at designing our own Rainforest Art and evaluating our own work. We will be collecting cardboard boxes and containers to design, make and evaluate our own junk monsters towards the end of the Autumn term.


Reminder for parents:

In Year 4, P.E./Outdoor Games will be on Thursday.


Please ensure your child has a full kit in school every day, we like to fit in extra sessions when we can!

Indoor kit: Blue shorts, white t-shirt with school logo and black pumps.

Outdoor kit: Blue tracksuit/jogging bottoms and trainers.

All clothing and footwear should be clearly named. All jewellery must be removed for P.E. and long hair must be tied back.


Y4’s homework rota is as follows:

Your child has a home reading book and record. Please support us by hearing your child read at home on a regular basis. When your child has finished their book, please sign your child’s reading record along with a comment, if appropriate, and they can change their book.


Spellings will be set on a Thursday and will usually follow a pattern/rule or may be from the National Curriculum word lists. Please help your child to learn the spellings by using them in sentences and by using 'LSCWC' (Look, Say, Cover, Write and Check). They will be tested on the following Thursday when a new list is set.


Maths homework will be set on a Monday (to be returned on Wednesday). English homework will be set on a Wednesday (to be returned on Friday).

Please also encourage your child to learn all of the times tables (at least up to 12x12) and their related division facts. This will help your child in all aspects of mathematics work. You might like to think about more interesting times tables - try the 17, 19 or 2.5 times tables! Let us know how you get on. This year will be the first year that Year 4 pupils take National Times Tables Tests in the Summer Term.

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