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Stone Age Homework Projects


We've had an amazing response from the children in Year 3 with their half term homework project. Thank you to everyone for your hard work (children and parents). The projects we've had in so far are all on display along the Year 3 corridor.

Stone Age Homework Projects

Welcome To Class 3W

Who are we?

Welcome to Class 3W. We have 29 children within our class; we are all unique, with all of us possessing different skills and talents. We come from a variety of different backgrounds and cultures, which makes 3W an exciting place to be. Our classroom is an environment where we are  all happy to learn, collaborate and we are not afraid to make mistakes. Our many qualities include being enthusiastic towards our  learning, being caring and respectful for each other and everybody beng team players.

What will we been doing?

As part of our belonging to God’s family unit of work, we will be studying God’s perfect recipe for being a follower of Jesus.  We will be identifying key ingredients such as trust, faith, love and patience and included these within our own recipes.  This reflection will help us as we continue our faith journey and prepare for receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and The Eucharist.

We have just begun our active learning of rocks and soils and will even be having the opportunity to create our very own fossils.  This will link nicely with our topic work on Prehistoric Britain where our focus is currently the Stone Age.  We are travelling back in time to see how the world we know today first began. How did the earliest settlers live? What sort of food did they eat? How do we know anything about them? And most importantly...when did they live?

In English we will continue our theme of Prehistoric Britain through the book Stone Age Boy, where a modern day boy suddenly finds himself transported back in time to meet a young girl call Om who shows him all there is to know about life in the Stone Age. We will be learning about different formats of writing and trying to write as if were we from this interesting time. 

In Maths, we aim to make our mental maths skills quicker and more accurate than ever and we will learn several new methods for addition and subtraction. Please continue to support us by regularly practising number bonds and times-tables at home.

We look forward to sharing our wonderful work with you and hopefully some of you may even wish to hear us read or help with our Art sessions. Please speak to Mr Walsh or Mrs Greenfield if this is something you would like to do.

Curriculum Overviews

Look what we're reading ...

Look what we're reading ... 1

Year 3 Reconciliation Meeting 2017