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Welcome to 3C!


Who are we?

Welcome to Class 3C.   We are a group of 28 children; each of us brings something unique to our class.  Our many qualities include being respectful of each other, good team players, caring for each other and being forgiving of each other.

As a class, we enjoy working as a team, our teachers, being helpful, having fun whilst learning, and, striving to be ‘pupils of the week’.  We always enjoy a challenge and regularly step through the Maths and English challenges of 3C. 

What have we been doing?

As part of our belonging to God’s family unit of work, we will be studying God’s perfect recipe for being a follower of Jesus.  We will be identifying key ingredients such as trust, faith, love and patience and included these within our own recipes.  This reflection will help us as we continue our faith journey and prepare for receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and The Eucharist.

We will soon begin our active learning of rocks and soils and even have the opportunity to create our very own fossils.  This will link nicely with our topic work on prehistoric Britain where our focus is currently the Stone Age.  We are travelling back in time to see how the world we know today first began. How did the earliest settlers live? What sort of food did they eat? How do we know anything about them? And most importantly...when did they live?

In English we will learn about different formats of writing and even devise our own game shows.  We aim to make our mental maths skills quicker and more accurate than ever and we will learn several new methods for addition and subtraction. Please continue to support us by regularly practising number bonds and times-tables at home.


Teacher: Miss Coton                                Teaching Assistant: Mrs Curtis


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The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

Class 3C have fully immersed themselves into the life of a young boy called Hogarth who experiences a terrifying encounter with an Iron Giant. He has 'arms as big as cranes,' 'a chests as big as a truck' and 'feet as big as a single bed!' Throughout our English work, we have examined these fantastic similes and applied them in our own writing when we created our own Wanted Posters. We have tried to imagine what Hogarth's first encounter was like and have written a letter sharing these feelings. We have  written a diary extract to examine how Hogarth's feelings alter as the story progresses and have also created our own Newspaper articles to share the news that he is in fact a hero!

The Iron Man has also made an appearance in our Maths lessons, where we have estimated, measured and compared the sizes of their own junk model versions of the Iron Man. We have decorated our classroom door with some of our pastel Art work. The children thoroughly enjoyed delivering their drama performance to the rest of the school too.

Fantastic work all round!


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