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Middleton 2018

We had a fantastic day today on our trip to Middleton, despite all the rain. We were extremely observant and were able to discuss the similarities and differences between Middleton and Selly Park.

Our Geographical skills helped us to discuss landuse...did you know that there is only one small shop, one church and one pub in the village? What surprised us the most was that they  didn't even have a library (it comes in a van once a week) and that you can only catch the bus on a Friday! 

We enjoyed learning about the Old Smythe and the reasons why it was located on the edge of the village, rather than in the middle.

 St. John The Baptist Church held even more interesting facts like the secret hole in the wall that let people remain hidden while watching the priest at the altar, or that the walls were once painted white and actually hide beautiful decorations behind them. 

Please look through our photographs and ask Class 3B about any other interesting facts we have learnt.

Thank you so much to the parents who helped us today!

Stone Age Homework Projects


We've had an amazing response from the children in Year 3 with their half term homework project. Thank you to everyone for your hard work (children and parents). The projects we've had in so far are all on display along the Year 3 corridor.

Stone Age Homework Projects

Welcome To Class 3B

Who are we?

Welcome to Class 3B. We are a group of 28 children; each of us brings something unique to our class.  Our many qualities include being respectful of each other, good team players, caring for each other and being forgiving of each other.

As a class, we enjoy working as a team, for our teachers, being helpful, having fun whilst learning, and, striving to be ‘pupils of the week’.

What will we been doing?

As part of our belonging to God’s family unit of work, we will be studying God’s perfect recipe for being a follower of Jesus.  We will be identifying key ingredients such as trust, faith, love and patience and included these within our own recipes.  This reflection will help us as we continue our faith journey and prepare for receiving the Sacraments of Reconciliation and The Eucharist.

We have just begun our active learning of rocks and soils and will even be having the opportunity to create our very own fossils.  This will link nicely with our topic work on Prehistoric Britain where our focus is currently the Stone Age.  We are travelling back in time to see how the world we know today first began. How did the earliest settlers live? What sort of food did they eat? How do we know anything about them? And most importantly...when did they live?

In English we will continue our theme of Prehistoric Britain through the book Stone Age Boy, where a modern day boy suddenly finds himself transported back in time to meet a young girl call Om who shows him all there is to know about life in the Stone Age. We will be learning about different formats of writing and trying to write as if were we from this interesting time. 

In Maths, we aim to make our mental maths skills quicker and more accurate than ever and we will learn several new methods for addition and subtraction. Please continue to support us by regularly practising number bonds and times-tables at home.

We look forward to sharing our wonderful work with you and hopefully some of you may even wish to hear us read or help with our Art sessions. Please speak to Mrs Bettam or Mrs Lowe if this is something you would like to do.

Look what we're reading ...Stone Age Boy

Look what we're reading ...Stone Age Boy 1
Look what we're reading ...Stone Age Boy 2

Curriculum Overviews

Salutations Everyone😊

This term we are having a wonderful time exploring the Zuckerman's Farm and all its inhabitants through the book Charlotte's Web by E.B White. We are trying to deepen our understanding of the complex characters for Fern, Wilbur, Charlotte and Templeton to name a few. We have been creating character profiles, having debates about which character is the most important and writing a wanted poster for a new friend. All of our Art/DT work is based around the story, we are currently making our own papier mache money boxes in the form of Wilbur the pig and will be trying to weave our own spider webs soon. 

We are full of enthusiasm for our new book and are tranforming our quiet reading area into a pig pen. Please ask us all about our ideas for the story😊🐖🕷🕸📖

The Iron Man comes to CLASS 3B (The Iron Man by Ted Hughes)

As part of our English work this half term, we have fully immersed ourselves in the life of a young boy called Hogarth, who after a terrifying encounter with a giant iron man, soon learns through truth about this strange visitor to his village. 

As we have found out, the Iron Man has arms as big as cranes, feet as big as a single bed, a chest as big as a truck! By using these lovely descriptive similes, we have tried to imagine what Hogarth felt on his first encounter and have written letters warning our friends to look out for the terrifying giant. 

Little did we know it at the time, but the Iron Giant was soon to become the friend of everyone in the world and we were able to then write a diary extract about the wonderful things he did for us. 

We have also included Maths in our Iron Man topic, using measurements and trying to work out how big we are compared to the giant. DT and Art have given us the fantastic opportunity to create our own junk model version of the Iron Man and to sketch the horrendous alien who came to earth. Our drama performance for the other classes was great fun, with hideous clips, artwork and role plays, with all Year 3 children thoroughly enjoying themselves. 

We hope you would like to learn more about the adventures of Hogarth and his Iron Man, and that through a brief view of our activities, we have persuaded you to read the book for yourself.

The Iron Man comes to Class 3B

The Iron Man comes to Class 3B 1
The Iron Man comes to Class 3B 2
The Iron Man comes to Class 3B 3