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Meet the teacher presentation Sept 2016

Welcome to Class 2B!


The children have all made an extremely positive start to the new school year; they are showing great enthusiasm and maturity already! Being the oldest children in KS1 we know they will be fantastic role models for the younger year groups. All of the staff are very proud and excited for the year ahead.

This term we cannot wait to embark upon our topic of ‘Fire’ where the children will have the opportunity to explore a number of activities linked to this topic e.g. learning about the great fire of London and creating fire pictures using different media. It will be very exciting!

In English, we will be using our writing skills to create reports, recounts and diary entries; as well as finding out about important people from the past. The children will discover many new authors and text types in reading.

In Maths we will be concentrating on number and place value; Problem solving, reasoning and algebra. Developing mental strategies and reasoning about numbers. The children will start to tackle multiplication and division through practical activities. In geometry: we will be exploring properties of shapes and statistics.

We will also be heading outdoors in search things that are living and non-living, and what helps to keep things alive in order to extend our knowledge of the world in our Science lessons.

To begin our spiritual journey this year we will start by exploring the structure of the Bible focussing particularly on the Old Testament and the stories it contains. We will be listening carefully and looking closely to see the messages that these stories carry.

We would appreciate parental help supporting the children with homework This would include reading  ensuring  a good level of comprehension, spelling and understanding the meaning of the words to learn.  English and Maths will be given on alternate weeks.

Key Stage 1 SATs Powerpoint for Parents March 2016

Hello. Welcome to Class 2B.

We are over half way through the year and looking forward to the start of Spring this month! The children have had a good year - so far! We have enjoyed studying Guy Fawkes and The Great fire of London and using our writing skills to create reports, recounts and diary entries.

This term we are learning all about plant life and growth in Science, poetry and traditional tales in English and multiplication, division and fractions in Maths. We will also be covering a variety of texts when reading, telling time, 3D shape and money in measure and healthy eating following on from plants.

We are fortunate to have Aston Villa coaches in this half term and I know that the children are thoroughly enjoying their Thursday afternoon football sessions.

May I thank parents for their support with homework this term. Reading every day day with the children shows a vast improvement in their retrieval ability and talking about the text sharpens up their skills in deduction and inference. 

Spelling also is greatly improved as most children achieve 100% in tests with many applying spellings learned in their written work.

Easter is nearly upon us and the end of term. I'm really looking forward to the Summer term.

Have a lovely Easter and I hope the children will come back rested after their holiday.