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Pizza Express in Moseley


Class 2B had a fantastic visit to Pizza Express in Moseley to learn all about making pizzas and the history behind the colours. Did you know that the Margarita Pizza is coloured red, white and green because Queen Margarita insisted that those colours were used? We also learnt about the safety of hot ovens, much better than Thomas Farynor did at the start of the Great Fire of London in Pudding Lane! We had as much fun eating our own pizzas as we did making them. A BIG thank you to the wonderful staff who helped us to have such a fun, but informative, time.

Welcome to Class 2B. We are a class of 28 children working with Mrs Bettam and Mrs Connaughton and we have settled in extremely well already. We have quickly learnt new class routines and are working hard together as a team to be the best we can! 


As the children are now Year 2 we are encrouraging them to try and be a bit more independent and to think about what they can do themselves to prepare for the school day. Please could you help us by checking that we always have our correct uniform, drink bottle and reading bag, fillled with our reading book, diary and LSCWC spelling list every day? 


We have been working extremely hard on our topic of Katie in London, helping us to learn all about the main landmarks in London and powerful verbs. Already, there have been some amazing pieces of writing re-telling the story in their own way! This topic then leads us into The Great Fire of Lodon, a topic we're all very excited about starting. Please look at our Curriculum Overview Sheet on the website so you can have as much information as possible about upcoming topics...perhaps you might like to have a trip to the library for some research in preparation? Birmingham Central Library is fantastic and is one of the landmarks wer have studied in comparison to those in London. 

Other news we have is that our class Saint is Saint Anthony of Padua. We have been learning all about his life and why he is such a special Saint for us. Our Prayer Leaders have been very grown up already, helping us to think about what our daily intentions are and demonstrating a good understanding of our Gospel Values, "Compassionate and Loving." 

We would like to extend a warm invitation to any parents, or family members, who could perhaps volunteer some time to help us in class. This would be very appreciated in terms of hearing our children read, walking us up to church when we have Mass, or to come on trips with us. Perhaps you love craft/art or have another skill that would be us full to our learning? If so, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Bettam. A huge thank you to those parents who are already volunteering!

We look forward to sharing our special Year 2 journey with you.

Year 2 Pizza Express Trip

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